🔴 Blue dollar today: how much is trading for this Monday, June 13

IN blue dollar up by two pesos this Monday, June 13 and is priced at $ 209 for the purchase and $ 212 for sale In the city of Buenos Aires. In the previous week, raised $ 5.

Thus the difference with the wholesaler, which is quoted at $ 122.30, it amounts to 73.34%.

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The blue dollar is almost at the same level as the official dollar, after being the cheapest option on the market for a few days, and continues far from the maximum price for 2022, which is observed at the end of January, when it briefly traded above $ 223. Then he began to decompress with the agreement with the IMF.

The price of the blue dollar in the last 30 days

So far in June, the blue has shown its ups and downs it ranges between $ 205 and $ 210.

Meanwhile, c mayonnaisethe price of the blue dollar add $ 6.50 and peaked at $ 208 – the same level it had closed in 2021 – following the publication of inflation data in April. He then returned and finished the month at $ 207.

from top to bottom Aprilthe blue dollar rose by only 50 cents (0.25%). However, it recorded lows of $ 195 and peaks of $ 212.50 in one month, characterized by exchange rate volatility.

In March, the price fell by $ 11 after winning $ 2 in February and $ 5 in the first month of the year.

The price of the blue dollar in 2021

Throughout 2021 add $ 42 or 25.3%well below inflation for the same period, which accumulated 50.9%.

the blue dollar deflation in the first trimester from 2021: The year started at $ 165, but reached the bottom of $ 139 in early April.

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On June 24, he broke down again Ceiling of $ 170. At the end of July, he went through another: $ 180. Except for short intervals, the rest of the year remained above these levels.

In August, the blue price remained relatively calm and moved between $ 178 and $ 183. In the days leading up to the PASO legislative elections on September 12, the price rose again to $ 186.50. It remained around this value until the first weeks of October.

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Towards the end of October, the blue dollar returned to reach its maximum face value of $ 195 and days before the election for November was $ 207. In the first weeks of December, the price jumped to $ 195.50. However, it gained momentum at the end of the year when it briefly traded at $ 210 to near 2021 at $ 208.

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