A medical specialist received a worthy award

This is the surgeon Atilio Cardozo, born in Caleta Olivia, who on Thursday night received a plaque from a group of residents of the same city, mostly political officials of radicalism.

This was in recognition of his fight against Covid, especially in the first and fateful stage of the pandemic throughout 2020, when vaccines did not exist.

Although there were many health workers across the country who performed an intensive task at the risk of their own health after registering a large number of fatalities in the area, dozens of Gorozito residents thanked Cardozo for coming to see their homes despite the schedules.

He also prescribed drugs that were not then approved by the Ministry of Health, such as inhaled ibuprofen, which was later found to be effective in treating the pandemic.

District leader Eva Hassanie and lawyer Jorge Lacroutz were tasked with delivering the reminder in a simple act at the Robert Hotel Confectionery.

In his speech, the doctor thanked for the respect and recalled the difficult moments that society experienced during the first wave of the pandemic, when fear was latent every day because mortality was high.

“But it was necessary to act from science and from the heart, because that was the moment when we all had to get together. That is why I thank all the patients who trusted me, and also my colleagues, because we all work together to fight the virus, “he said.


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