A mental health patient attacked hospital staff

A patient provoked scenes of great violence in the corridors of Roca Hospital when he started attacking staff and throwing objects. This is a person who has been hospitalized due to mental problems and they sign that this is not the first time such situations have occurred. They want your transfer.

The images of the brutal aggression were taken by workers from the same hospital, who are already tired of dealing with such situations and are demanding a final decision from the authorities.

As explained, the man is a mentally ill patient who was hospitalized and suffered from bouts of violence, and in the last incident began to attack other patients and maids. According to the workers, it all started when the man stated that there was no salt in his food, and eventually hurt the maid in the face.

Due to this fact yesterday, Wednesday, several workers launched a protest.

“We work in fear, no one gives us security, you can not work in this area. We have already taken measures to preserve the service, unfortunately it will affect society, but we as workers deserve respect and work in a safe environment,” said the nurse. Gaston Martinez in dialogue with Noticias10.

In addition, a group of professionals went to the Roca Courthouse on Thursday to demand their removal for fear that the attacks could become more serious.

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