A mental health patient attacked Roca Hospital staff and patients again

Another time, he attacked staff at Francisco Lopez Lima Hospital. This is not the first time that a mental health patient who has been interned in a ward of this medical center has attacked workers; this time the victims are the maids and patients who were in the room.

different workers They launched a protest and announced that they would demonstrate in front of the doors of the hospital tomorrow.

The incident happened this afternoon. The man went out to the crossroads of the maids who were doing their homework in one room.

“This person he insulted them, attacked them and then threw them food. He also verbally assaulted patients who were in the room“She said a terrified woman who had made contact with the media and demanded that her identity be preserved.

it turns out she is He has a hospitalized relative who will currently be operated on. “There was a policeman who was a security guard and who was just watching him,” said the astonished neighbor. He then clarified that the uniformed man explained to them that there was absolutely nothing they could do because they could be generalized because he was a mentally ill patient.

This is not the first time this has happened such an incident. In early June, hospital director Ana Senezi said health personnel had been attacked by the psychiatric patient since February.

This is a man who is involved in a murder case and was declared incompetent. Even three nurses had to take time off after being victims of violence.

Judicial sources confirmed to this media that the man already has it he was convicted in 2008 of killing another criminal with a stick near the ditch, in the northern part of the city. The sentence was upheld in 2010. After serving 12 years in prison, he was charged last June with stabbing another man to death. However, in early February this year, a judge declared him incompetent.

The hospital’s director said they had asked the judiciary to remove him, but no answer had been received.

At around 15:00 in the corridor of the hospital, all the elements that this man threw on the floor and broke are still visible. “Everything was left there because this man is still walking down the corridor and no one dares to lift anything.”Said another person who was involved in writing this newspaper.


Various hospital workers a protest measure was launched this afternoon to reject the inaction of the hospital authorities to find a solution to the problem. Even a few of them will demonstrate tomorrow – from 10 am – in front of the doors of the hospital to ask for “immediate” answers.

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