Abandon medicine and embark on psychology: the causes

Elena Pastushenko, PIR at the Puerta del Hierro Hospital.

Elena Pastushenko decided abandon medicine five years ago to embark on another health branch: psychology. A decision he never regretted, quite the opposite; every year in class he made her emphatic and “more certain that she had made the right decision.”

“I left the medical degree in the middle of the second year, although in the first year I have already considered leaving it several times,” Pastushenko said. Medical writing. “Finally, in the first year, I didn’t make the decision because I was fascinated by the fact that the subjects were less “medical” and it was normal not to like them so much, “he added.

In the second year, however, “he faced reality.” “I realized that the degree was not what I expected and I did not enjoy it as much as my other classmates,” says the psychologist, and admits that “she felt bad emotionally and with a lot of stress because of everything that was required in the degree.” “I didn’t think all this bad weather would be worth it.”emphasizes as the main reason which led him to abandon these studies.

But why did you later choose psychology? “Since I started medicine, I’ve been interested in psychiatry because I’ve always been attracted to mental health issues,” she said, acknowledging that she believed at the time that psychology could give her a better understanding of behavior. and a more psychotherapeutic and human approach. “ Psychiatry is just another subject in medicinewhile in psychology I had more subjects directly related to psychotherapy “, Pastushenko admitted to this newspaper.

Regarding what psychology has given him, what medicine has not given him, he assures that “apart from all this knowledge, the opportunity to study a career that interests me without undue pressure and to see my efforts rewarded“This is something I believe is often lacking in a career that seeks achievement: this boost ultimately leaves many students frustrated and with very low self-esteem that has nothing to do with their abilities,” he added.

“Goodbye” to medicine: “There is very little care in the student’s career”

“It simply came to our notice then very little care was taken of some students who had done much to enter Medicine, even to dispel the illusion that you are a doctor, “he admits, although he admits that” it cannot be extrapolated to all faculties. ”

Now Pastushenko begins a new adventure. This time work. This week begins its stage as PIR at the Puerta de Hierro Hospital from Madrid. Training that the psychologist herself describes as “very complete” and which has always seemed “ideal” to her. “From the very beginning, I decided to do a PIR and give everything in the months of preparation,” he explains, assuring that he knows “how complicated it will be.” “A lot of people tried for years before they got it, and a lot of people gave up,” he admits.

“Psychology allowed me to study
a stress-free career;
something that is usually missing in degrees
who seek perfection “

That’s why she decided to “spend as many hours as possible on this, although she always gives priority to rest when it’s full.” “I didn’t leave the exam happy, but days later I began to realize that it hadn’t gone so bad anyway,” she said, admitting she was proud to “have a place on her first call.” “It’s a privilege to achieve it and a dream”reports.

Finally, Pastushenko admits this “Therapy is a very complicated thing and that no book will teach you the same thing as seeing other people practice it. “” PIR also allows you to have supervision in your first steps in the profession, “he said.

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