Activities continue in Exercise Fury 2022

from cap. Gustavo Liebana / Photos: Alf. Melina Fernandez

On June 11, as part of the Rage 2022 exercise, the familiarization and training phase on supply and air strike tasks ended. Initially, two EMB-312 Tucano aircraft performed an air escort mission for the DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft, given the need to ensure the protection of this aircraft engaged in air transport tasks.

During that day, a Bell 412 helicopter performed tasks to place and retrieve isolated personnel in hostile territory at the Garabato shooting range, tasks that were later performed in this role, but in a different situation by two Hughes 500-Ds within the same area.

On the other hand, a DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft carried out an air raid, landing at Villa Ocampo, and then landing personnel with a manual opening in an alternative area of ​​the Reconquista. The SAAB-340B then participated in a mission with these characteristics in the city of Reconquista.
Finally, two Hughes 500-Ds completed navigation from the city of Reconquista to the city of Garabato, which consisted of defensive maneuvers against the threat of a section of the EMB-312 Tucano aircraft in a simulated attack.

The search and rescue operation began in the afternoon. In this sense, two EMB-312 Tucano, Bell 412 EP and Hughes 500-D form a C-SAR package (Combat Search and Rescue – Search and Rescue in Combat) in order to navigate the city of Garabato, taking the necessary measures to carry out defensive maneuvers against a possible attack on EMB-312 Tucano.

Finally, during the night, the Bell 412 EP infiltrated the Garabato area.

A DHC-6 Twin Otter then participates in manually opening the air attack of the alternate launch zone.

For its part, the C-130 completed the last departure of the day with a drop in cargo and personnel within the aforementioned alternative zone.

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