Aesthetic facial treatment

If you have undergone aesthetic treatment or plan to undergo it for a short time, you may be interested to know what it is. aesthetic imprint.

This new term is used to express the impact that aesthetic medical procedures can have over time, as “what you do when you are young can affect your face 20 or 30 years later,” warns he. The virtues of Ruizsurgeon and aesthetic doctor.

The first five years in the treatment of aesthetic medicine are those that will mark the course of the face, regardless of age, and care is essential for the future quality of the skin.

Can the aesthetic trace be avoided?

Dr. Ruiz assures that the treatment of each patient is personalized, as not all people react equally to an injected product and not all have the same reabsorption times.

The first five years in the treatment of aesthetic medicine are those that will mark the course of the face

“You need to be careful, avoid exaggeration, immediacy and use common sense.” He also warns that we should not put ourselves in the hands of just anyone, it is always advisable to trust a good professional, an experienced doctor who advises treatment when really needed and respects the right moments for each person.

Are there any treatments without an aesthetic trace?

HydraFacial This is a demobrasion performed on wet skin, therefore it does not suffer. It includes Vortex-Fusion technology, a new system of patented heads that, in fact, what they do is breathe air or suck on the skin. Depending on the stage of treatment, drainage, cleaning and exfoliation, exfoliate and remove impurities and facilitate the penetration of powerful antioxidant, regenerating and moisturizing serums.

First phase: Sewage system. First, the tissue is drained with a head that gently sucks the skin and passes through all the lymph points of the face to detoxify and eliminate toxins. Then cleansing and exfoliation begin with a slightly higher suction of the skin and penetration of lactic acid, which leaves the skin ready for peeling.

Second level: Peeling. It is done with another head, and sucking type “kiss”, as if they were kissing on the face. Then, in the impurity extraction phase, the effect is dragging and more “aggressive” on the skin to remove dirt from the pores. Acids such as glycolic and salicylic as well as copper extract are used.

Third phase: Hydration and regeneration. Here you are working with the third and last chapter. In this case, air is blown in, which also breaks down the active ingredients into small molecules that easily penetrate the deepest layers of the skin when rotated. Powerful antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid are used.

“Doctors are very comfortable with treatments like HydraFacialwhich do not leave an aesthetic mark and maintain their clean condition. This is a clear trend towards conscientious and long-term care. With its three steps, it promotes the quality and health of the skin. This is an example of medicine without an aesthetic trace “, the doctor assures Jaime Tufet.

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