Aesthetic procedures for men

We are in the middle of the year and with that comes a very special holiday, Father’s Day. Currently, the demand for other types of gifts is growing, an example of this is aesthetic touches in male.

There are more and more male worried about taking care of yourself aesthetic imageso the perfect and unforgettable gift are facial treatments that will help them achieve a express rejuvenation.

Kioo Medical and Cosmetic Center and his professionals mention some minimally invasive stellar protocols that celebrities like Ben Affleck, David Beckham, Robbie Williams, among others, use to look younger without the need for surgery.

Renew 360

The combination of two technologies combined as hypro and CO2 laser split makes them the perfect duo to work on a level Facelift without skin operations and textures. This treatment is applied to the face and neck (according to the medical diagnosis).

Among the main results you will find facial profilingremoving stains, removing a double chin, fading facial expressions, etc.


hifu technology (focused ultrasound with high intensity), this type of protocol works on different layers of the skin that are in front of the muscle to the most superficial layers, achieving overall skin tightening. Among its most famous results are defining the cheekbones, defining the jaw, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, fading of the nasolabial fold and others.

Extreme rejuvenation (sutures and hyaluronic acid).

Perhaps this is one of the most famous procedures at the aesthetic level, Tensioning wires they are strategically placed on the face or neck without the need to go through the operating room. Its main purpose is to tighten the skin and eliminate the sagging face of the jaw and cheeks, this treatment is a safe, fast and effective way to achieve lifting with immediate and lasting results.

Innovations in aesthetic medicine have now grown by leaps and bounds and consumption is equal between men and women who strive to improve their image, today we can find the most modern equipment that allows aesthetic changes to be made in a safer and more reliable way.

It is necessary before any kind of aesthetic procedure to make a preliminary assessment of a health specialist that he accompanies you at all times during the procedure, in addition, the institution observes all the rules for its operation.

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