Alejandro Stossel, Tini’s father, was hospitalized and operated on again

Following several rumors that surfaced on Sunday, the La Trinidad sanatorium in Palermo has confirmed that television director and producer Alejandro Stossel, the father of singer Tini, must be hospitalized and operated on again.

Stoesel had undergone surgery on various occasions in March this year, for which he was forced to spend several weeks at the Trinidad Sanatorium in Palermo. due to gastrointestinal bleeding; and from the end of March to the beginning of April, after discharge, he continued with rehabilitation and outpatient medical supervision.

This time the operation took place on Tuesday, the 7th, then it was supposed to be on Friday he intervened again urgently and so far he has been hospitalized in intensive care as confirmed THE NATION.


“Mr. Alejandro Stossel has been admitted to the Trinidad Palermo Sanatorium. He was admitted routinely for an operation related to his previous hospitalization. Currently in postoperative recovery. The family appreciates the solidarity of the people and the concerns of the media.

Dr. Silvina Serra, Medical Director ”

How was the previous hospitalization?

Stoessel was hospitalized last March 2 for acute abdominal painfor which they had to operate urgently.

A week later, they had to operate again due to complications in his painting, so Tini decided to postpone his exhibitions in Buenos Aires.

The concerts were to take place the same week at the Palermo Racecourse, and the singer decided to reschedule them for May. “He wants me to do them more than anyone, so we decided to postpone them until the end of May, from May 20 to 28,” with the belief that he will recover and be on the front line again, as always, “he said in a statement issued on March 10.

“My head, body and heart can’t focus on anything but being here with him,” she said, assuring that although her father wanted her to take the stage in Buenos Aires, as he had planned. for a long time, he preferred to wait for him to improve so he could see her in the front row, as he had been accustomed to since the beginning of his career.

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