Antonella Roccuzzo showed how to train resistance and leg strength: “2 killer minutes”

A few years ago, Antonella Roccuzzo added a workout routine to her daily routine that allowed her to feel good in her body. Lionel Messi’s wife devotes several hours a week to physical work and today she surprised by posting in the middle of the exercise.

Antonella followed the routine of the athlete Silvana Araujo with all indications in a virtual way and showed how she trains resistance and strength of the legs: he leaned against the wall to squat with resistance, and loaded a plate weighing twenty pounds on his feet.. She stayed like that for two minutes, which she defined as “killers”.

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“This work is mainly looking for resistance, although the extra workload also works for strength,” explained a personal trainer consulted by TN

Although she is on holiday with her family in Funes, Antonella is not taking a break from her training and is demanding more and more to look and feel better.

In the next few hours, the Messi family will travel to a tourist destination before returning to Paris in early July, when Leo will have to rejoin PSG’s training.

Antonella Roccuzzo combined a top corset with trousers. (Photo: Instagram / @ antonelaroccuzzo)

How the days of Antonella Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi in Funes are going

Antonella and Leo are vacationing in Funes, a few kilometers from Rosario, where they are also building a house in a private neighborhood. She arrived earlier while he was playing with the Argentine national team against Italy and Estonia, and has been in Argentina for two weeks.

The days of the Messi family are very peaceful, friends and family barbecues. Even the 10th member of the Argentine national team did not attend the match Newells – San Lorenzo, to which he was invited. He prefers to stay at home, sharing moments with family and friends, which he usually sees little of during the rest of the year.

Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo were photographed with a neighbor of Funes.  (Photo: IG by @ marianpity09)
Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo were photographed with a neighbor of Funes. (Photo: IG by @ marianpity09)

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