Argentina and Chile are making progress in planning the Viekaren 2022 combined exercise

Argentina and Chile are making progress in planning and preparing as a prelude to the 2022 edition of the Viekaren exercise. Thus, the authorities of the armed forces of Argentina and Chile held a coordination meeting held last week.

Thus, the Commander-in-Chief of the Third Naval Zone, Rear Admiral Fernando Borkoski of the Chilean Navy, received his Argentine counterpart, Rear Admiral Walter Ernesto Dona, Southern Naval Zone of Argentina (ANAU). The meeting between the two naval teams in Chile aimed at pre-coordinating the Viekaren 2022 exercise, which will take place between 15 and 21 August.

After the meeting between the Argentine and Chilean sailors, an act was signed, which reflected the exercises to be carried out soon in the waters of the Beagle Channel between troops and media of the two fleets.

As Commander of the Beagle Naval District, it was my responsibility to participate in the planning of the Viekaren 2022 exercise. This version has the feature that it will resume this combined training between the Chilean and Argentine navies in three years. In the same way, this is an occasion to strengthen the traditional ties between our Marinas, especially with the friendships that are born between the members of our crews. This will undoubtedly contribute to this, in any situation that requires combined action, especially with regard to the protection of marine life, coordination will be facilitated by mutual knowledge and combined work. We hope that Viekaren 2022 will be successful”; Said the ship’s captain, Christian Janes.

Perform the exercise in consecutive years Vicar (which in Jagan means trust) is part of the 1984 Treaty of Peace and Friendship reached by Argentina and Chile. Viekaren Combined Exerciseboth fleets operate in fictitious scenarios in emergencies such as rescue, marine rescue or environmental disasters; It also allows for the promotion of good bilateral relations, reaffirming the commitment to cooperate with participation and standardize procedures in such situations.“, Said the Chilean Navy in an official statement.

* Photos: Chilean Navy

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