Carmen Barbieri told how her health continues after she was hypnotized live

Carmen Barbieri’s words after caring for her health (Video: Moment D, El Trece)

In the last two days of this week, Carmen Barbieri he could not be in front many in the morning (Ciudad Magazine) due to health problems. The driver’s condition caused concern as she broke down after being hypnotized by John Milton in his broadcast this Tuesday in his program.

“We are very worried about Carmen. She did not come to the program yesterday. He sent us audio and told us he wasn’t having a good time. But when your stomach is very upset, it leaves you out of bed, it leaves you without energy, “he said. seventh Perelo Achiar who to Estefania Berardi they were responsible for the cycle during Barbieri’s absence.

Friday afternoon, seventh reproduced in Moment D (El Trece) audio that Carmen sent him to inform about his health. “I’m better today, I didn’t feel well in the morning … My body hurt so much, I called the doctor and he sent me an analgesic, which I took. I come from a terrible cough due to bronchospasm. Vomiting hit me with effort. The ribs … I couldn’t even breathe because of the pain in my ribs, ”Barbieri’s voice was heard 1.5 times.

Carmen Barbieri is mesmerized by mentalist John Milton

An hour ago I took a very strong painkiller and I am refreshed. I’m not great, but I’m much better now“Said Carmen, who also spoke about how intense her routine was this Friday, despite her poor health. “I took the opportunity to go to bed because because I was awake at 6, I got up at 7. I didn’t stop doing things: the suitcase, fixing the things I have to do next week, changing clothes… ”, he counted.

Fede Bal’s mother said she would visit him tonight Disabledhis assistant, with whom he will spend the night. And that this Saturday he will resume his work. “We’re going to La Rioja at 6 in the morning, which I can’t miss because I’ve already been paid … if not, I swear they need it too. But they already paid me and I already used the money and everything … God forbid! But now I’m better because I took an analgesic that relieves the pain in my back from so much cough, “Carmen repeated at the end of the audio.

“I’m very dizzy in bed, but at least better than yesterday, but very dizzy. Of course, I didn’t go to work today, I won’t go in the afternoon either. “ Carmen said last Thursday after being absent from her program for the first time since a hypnosis session that affected her health.

“I hope I have the strength for tomorrow, which I can not miss. I don’t understand what’s happening to me this year, that I’m missing a job. Things happen to me that I can’t go to work. This never happens to me, I go to work dead, but this time I can’t stand it because I’m dizzy“, Added the presenter, who finally was not present this Friday in many in the morning. In this regard, the participant noted: “For me, this is the cervix, it makes you dizzy and vomits. It happened to me when I was a dancer.

Carmen Barbieri was hypnotized on the air of her program Mañanísima
Carmen Barbieri was hypnotized on the air of her program Mañanísima

It all started with a hypnosis session with John Milton. The Chilean-born mentalist, who has lived for a long time between Mexico and the United States, asked Carmen and Estefi to do a breathing exercise: “We will breathe with our eyes open and inhale so hard that I will inflate my chest.”

Then Milton approached Carmen to grab her by the neck. “Let go, loosening the head, the neck,” the hypnotist advised him as he at one point the capo comic collapsed in the chair behind her. “Wow, you want me. I feel completely light. I feel like I’ve taken a bottle of clonazepam. I’m fine, but it’s weird, “Barbieri described as he opened his eyes again.


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