“Cosmetic surgery should not be performed outside the United States”

Diaz confirmed that the case was causing “great sadness”.

Luis Penchi

June 13, 2022 | | Reading time: 3 min

Dr. Carlos Diaz, President of the College of Surgeons in Puerto Rico. Photo: Courtesy of El Nuevo Día.

IN College of Physicians in Puerto Rico warned Puerto Rican patients today that cosmetic surgery should not be performed outside the jurisdiction of the United States to avoid situations such as those that caused the death of a Puerto Rican woman due to bacterial complications.

The president of the college, Dr. Carlos Diaz, commented today in an interview with the Journal of Medicine and Public Health, referring to the case of Sylvian Morales, 38, who died yesterday in Bogota after acquiring a bacterium that complicated her condition. clinical.

Morales, a native of Utuado, underwent cosmetic surgery last week. Her relatives admitted that after acquiring the bacterium, the patient developed a generalized infection and gangrene. The victim had three children, aged 13, 17 and 20, respectively.

The unfortunate woman’s widower said she still owed $ 17,000 to the hospital where she underwent surgery and could not afford to transport the body to Puerto Rico.

Diaz, for his part, confirmed that the case was “very sad.”

The experienced doctor reminded that there are highly qualified specialists on the island who perform aesthetic operations and asked the Puerto Ricans to stay here for this type of procedure.

Diaz says the better option for local patients is to stay on the island and perform surgeries little by little so they can pay for the procedures instead of going abroad to save money because “life is more precious from the economic operation of aesthetic nature ..

“I recommend that people who will operate outside of Puerto Rico think twice, because it is a big problem to perform these operations outside the jurisdiction of the United States,” said the leader of the doctors.

Diaz pointed out that the standards of Latin American medicine are different from the practice of the United States. “Services are cheaper in Latin America, but they are a problem because if those people who go there have a problem, they will see later that when they come back here, there is no doctor to treat them in Puerto Rico.”

The president of the association clarified that local doctors cannot be held responsible for medical problems that may arise as a result of an operation in Colombia, although they will treat any case that arrives from there as an emergency.

“We can stabilize here, but we cannot take responsibility and the result could be catastrophic,” he concluded.