Cryolo from The Box Challenge showed what he looks like before entering the fitness world

Nader Alexis Criolo Pacheco, participant in The Box Challenge

Creolefrom The Box Challenge, is one of the participants in the program, which won more fans on social media, especially among the female audience, thanks to appearance. However, the body of the athlete, who is currently part of the beta team, is due to physical training, which began at a very young age.

Through their social networks, Nader Alexis Cryolo Pacheco revealed details about what he looked like in his teenage years, before a healthy lifestyle and sports interested him. At the moment, the contender stands out with his height, muscles, accentuated belly, strength and face, but at 16 he could not imagine himself as a man with these characteristics.

Here’s what Cryolo looks like before he starts training:

Nader Alexis Criolo Pacheco, participant in The Box Challenge
Nader Alexis Criolo Pacheco, participant in The Box Challenge

As he explained on his social networks, in the first photo the athlete is 16 years old and at that time he ate very poorly and did not train at all. The second photo shows the change that the training suggested in his appearance, becoming the man who today stole the eye in The Box Challenge.

“Six years difference, summarized in a photo”the athlete wrote in his post, “in those days I didn’t know anything about fitness, I didn’t know how to start or where, the only thing I did was start. I never thought that this could take me far, that it would become my way of life“.

He added that a healthy lifestyle not only changed his appearance, but also changed his way of looking at life and thinking: “I realized that with effort and discipline there are no limits, that everything I offer I can achieve and I am proud with that. “

Nader Cryolo He joined The Box Challenge as a member of the Coffee Growers team, as he is a native of Pereira. However, he was one of the first contenders rejected by his teammates. Alpha, Beta and Gammaand had to fight for a place on the team Omegaof which he became its captain.

After a few cycles, Cryolo went to the Captains Challenge to face Tarzan, Cheta and Duvan for holding the flag of his team high. Despite the fact that Pereiran is one of the strongest riders in the race, in this test Criollo’s abilities were not enough and his height was the one that played him.

While the other captains managed to jump out of a rope and land on some bundles, as Cryolo’s height did not allow him to glide without touching the ground, the reason he lost and the team omega disappeared. He then became a member of Gamma’s team, with the bad luck that at that time Alpha and Beta were allied against him and always left them condemned and punished.

Nader Alexis Criolo Pacheco, participant in The Box Challenge
Nader Alexis Criolo Pacheco, participant in The Box Challenge

Despite the adversity, Criollo is already one of the 16 best contenders for the program and in fact in this cycle it is already known that he will not leave the game because the two convicts are Okendo and Tarzan. He is now part of the beta team selected by Captain Valkyrie, and for the first time in the entire program, Criollo has tested what it means to win all the tests..

According to a profile for the athlete made by Caracol Television, Pereiran is fitness model and in 2016 participated in Mister Risaralda and won, which later led him to become Mr. Colombia. He has dreamed of entering the Challenge from a very young age, which is why he started training hard for so many years.


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