Digital health and precision medicine

The Covid-19 pandemic not only marked a turning point in the way we live and work, but forced us to reconsider the way we provide clinical services to people, adapting to the new needs they present.

At this stage digitalization and integration of hospital services this has become a significant opportunity to optimize health systems, allowing us to integrate all aspects of patient care, reduce costs and improve outcomes.

In this sense, this is essential today equipping health centers with the latest technologies who are able to make accurate diagnoses and enable the generation of personalized treatments that focus on people’s real emergencies and avoid the use of standard therapies that may not be adapted to people’s individual requirements.

Given that immediate and effective medical responses are currently required, A great ally in the diagnostic process is the important advancement in the speed and quality of exam imageswhich gives radiologists and pathologists the opportunity to obtain excellent data in record time and to participate in a greater number of procedures.

New technologies developed for the health sector are designed to achieve real integration so that medical teams can work together to share quality information. This is what we call digital health and precision medicine, where a multidisciplinary team has advanced visualization tools and 24/7 online access to data that allows you to successfully meet all patient needs.

And it is at Philips that we have the most complete portfolio of equipment and solutions in the industry to achieve this integration. From our analysis solution designed to help clinicians diagnose, observe and communicate in different modalities and clinical conditions through a connected and seamless workflow, to our solutions for digital pathology, genomics, anatomical intelligence solutions and much more, along with ultrasound equipment, MRI, computed tomography and image-driven interventionism, among others.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that what has been said in the previous paragraphs is possible thanks to the use and integration of artificial intelligence as a key tool that makes it possible to process information with great efficiency in limited time and create a continuous system of professional work. is about improving people’s quality of life.

* District Manager for Spanish РPhilips Latinoam̩rica.

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