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The modern approach to health is multidisciplinary. The training of professionals, the quality of health institutions, research and teaching, good nutrition, physical and mental rest in a naturally harmonious environment and many other aspects contribute to the overall concept of health. Here are some examples of professionals who contribute with effort and knowledge to a better quality of life.

Vitaliano created the Urotrainer project together with bioengineers.

Urology and the revolution in the way surgery is taught

Dr. Gonzalo Vitaliano is a leader in innovative urological surgery, creator of the Urotrainer project, which won the American Confederation of Urology Award for allowing distance learning to urologists from Latin America and Spain.

To date, every paroscopic surgeon has studied in the same way as he has since 1800, but Vitaliano created the Urotrainer project together with bioengineers Matthias Biancucci, Santiago Birkner de Miguel and Lucas May.

The first model (VK-1) This made it possible to simulate a very common procedure in uroonological practice, laparoscopic partial nephrectomy. This procedure requires precise mastery of resection techniques and sutures to perform safely and effectively. With this model, they won the first prize at the Congress of the American Confederation of Urology in 2020.

This first model evolved to the current one, s greater training opportunities and multiple surgical scenarios. This model can be read VP-1 is an even more advanced model which allows simulation of prostate cancer surgery both laparoscopically and robotic. This model was presented in May this year at the American Congress of Urology in New Orleans, garnering many praises and mentions from prestigious international colleagues.

Roca Medical Center, quality, warmth and healthcare costs

Taking on the human dimension among those who make up the medical profession and the relationship we have with our patients is the philosophy that drives Dr. Francisco Lopez and the entire professional team of Centro Medico Roca, headquartered in Cabalito and Liniers, every day. “Empathy, compassion, openness, respect, commitment and simple communication make professionals much more than scientific knowledge,” they emphasize.

Roca Medical Center is located in the heart of Cabalito.

Roca Medical Center is located in the heart of Cabalito.

IN Rock Medical Center, located in the heart of Kabalito, has a wide range of medical specialties with day care, cardiology, medical clinic, gynecology, general surgery, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, urology, pneumology, neurology, phlebology, traumatology, pediatrics, otolaryngology, dermatocrinology, dermatology nutrition, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, oncology, diabetology and dentistry. There is daily medical care, attention with and without shifts. / 5263-3288 / +541171366773.

Expert analyzes coronary heart disease in women Myth or reality?

IN women, from the age of 65, coronary heart disease “takes the lead” and assessing mortality in all decades of life, it turns out to be the most common. It is not possible to compare the symptoms reported by men on women. Professor Dr. Juan Hector Salieti explains that they usually present with atypical chest pain, gastrointestinal symptoms, shortness of breath and even remain asymptomatic, which should make us sharper and more thorough in their study. In other words, between 70% and 90% of significant coronary obstructive lesions occur in women over 60 years of age.

Less than 10% of heart attacks occur in young women, which is observed primarily in those who have early menopause or hormonal changes. They can also be seen in people with diabetes who have several risk factors for kidney disease, although they may also contribute to them such as smoking, stress or illegal drug use.

How to help regenerate damaged skin

Wounds are injuries of traumatic origin. with loss of continuity in one or more tissues, the most common being: Abrasives: caused by rubbing or rubbing with a rough surface, which usually damages only the skin and subcutaneous tissue; sharp: are characterized by regular edges (made of glass) and sharp: are those caused by sharpened objects (nails). The severity of the injury will depend on the region affected and the type of wound. In its treatment, the possible complications that may occur (tetanus, gangrene) should be taken into account.

However, the immediate application of first aid will include washing and subsequent drying of the affected area with clean water, soap and sterile gauze; application of a local antiseptic; When the first layer of skin is formed, a restorative and healing cream should be applied to help regenerate damaged skin.

Milanesas Station, a good dining area that stretches

The EstaciĆ³n de Milanesas chain is on its way classics of local cuisine hand in hand with a menu of homemade products, and therefore they are healthy and provide many nutrients. It is chain restaurants which has five of its own premises and two other franchisees, which began operations in 2016 in the town of Villa Madero, La Matanza, from where it spread with the power of pure taste in every dish.

Branches of Milanesas station.

Branches of Milanesas station.

With plentiful and home-cooked food, all its rooms have a kitchen in front of an audience, has its own production and distribution center. The Caruso family began its development with a small space of only 40 m2 for delivery, in the town of Villa Madero.

The public immediately accepted the offer and a year later they moved to Tapiales thanks to the Juvencia Club, which opened its doors to them, “recalls Alvaro, one of the brothers at the head of the chain. After 4 years EstaciĆ³n de Milanesas has 5 own premises and 2 franchiseesall of them reproduce special care for the quality of the products, which guarantees not only the taste of home-made, but also the quality of well-selected raw materials and preparation, which guarantees healthy and energetic dishes.

Castelli strengthens its medical cannabis project

Law 27,669, which establishes regulatory framework for the medical cannabis industry and industrial hemp was finally introduced, and with this act a new industry was launched, which could not only generate employment, industrial development and exports, but also alleviate the health of thousands of people with diseases.

From this definition of the legal framework, the project of the municipality of Kasteli receives a renewed impetus to position itself at the forefront in the production of cannabis for therapeutic purposes with the start of a process of medical research and development.

There, the state and the private sector signed a preliminary framework agreement that will set out the conditions for setting up a model center for research and production of medical cannabis, which will be located in the district’s first industrial park.



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