Dollar: CCL and MEP rise sharply on another difficult day for Martin Guzman

IN distrust which retains investors in recent days It is reinforced this Monday. Financial dollars rose to 4.4%las Argentine stocks listed in New York pull back hard, while the country’s risk increases 3.9% to 2124 points basic.

The dollar MEP The stock market is open this afternoon with increases of 3.3% to $ 227.94, while cash in liquidation (CCL) increased by 3.9% to $ 236.43. In the previous hours, it rose by 4.4% and traded at $ 237.56 on official screens.

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In both cases it is so the highest prices since early Februarywhen financial dollars began to recede after the announcement of the agreement with the IMF.

The blue dollar is also risingof 1.43% in this case and reaches $ 210 to buy and $ 213 to sell.

The renewed challenge to Martin Guzman to renew the debt in pesos

For one day with wide decline in stock marketsattention is focused on the presentation of Argentine assets after a sharp drop at the end of the week for fear of default on peso debt.

the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, ruled out any possibility of default debt in pesos. Sunday night defines the strategy with President Alberto Fernandez on limiting “running” of funds against bonds with inflation regulation.

IN only three days, the funds came out of CER bonds for more nearly $ 90 billionwhich pushed up financial dollars and led to Central Bank (BCRA) and to a lesser extent ANSES to go out and buy these titles to keep up the price.

It is expected that during the day that the intervention is sustainable before a Treasury Department auction this Tuesday, which will become a key test for Guzman because of the speed he needs to confirm.

Markets trade deeply

The bad mood in the markets is having an impact Local ADRs listed in New York They came down this Monday. Among the main withdrawals were take-off (-11.3%); Mercado Libre (-9.5%) and Globant (-7.4%).

Basic Wall Street indices traded in deep declines Given the high inflation in the US and the prospect of a new rise in Federal Reserve interest rates (FED) led the US economy to a recession.

So the index The Dow Jones fell 2.4% at noon; the S&P 500 fell 3.2% and the Nasdaq Composite fell 3.8% during the first wheel operations.

Moose Asian and European markets they had started the week down, against the backdrop of the strengthening dollar worldwide.

The CAC index of 40 Paris loses 2.67%while the bag of Frankfurt loses 2.43%thus ending its fifth consecutive low session. London loses 1.53% and c Madrid Ibex-35 index decreased by 2.47%.

IN Buenos Aires Stock Exchange was not unaware of the global impact: Merval index fell 0.6% to 88,606.44 points. Meanwhile, the stock exchange St. Paulwhere the Bovespa index decreased by 4.7%.

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