Ecuadorian teachers mobilize against Lasso government News

The National Union of Educators of Ecuador (UNE) has called for the mobilization this Thursday in the country’s 24 provinces to denounce Guillermo Lasso’s government over delays in implementing equalization of wages and supporting provisions, the Organic Law on Intercultural Education (LOEI). ).


Police suppress a student march in the Ecuadorian capital

The Teachers’ Union rejects the extension of its publication in the Official Register by the Chief Executive Officer, who requested an amendment to the Constitutional Court’s ruling on the ZOEI reforms.

After approval by the Ecuadorian court, the changes must be published within 90 days. In view of this, UNE asked Lasso to stop maneuvering in order to prevent the application of LOEI.

The mobilization of teachers is part of the indefinite national strike protests convened by the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples (Conaie) and other organizations.

The teachers immediately demanded the ratification by the Constitutional Court against the government of sentence number 2-22-OP, urging the National Assembly to publish it.

Educators are also pushing for an increase in the education budget, a moratorium on debt in various banking models, and the creation of new sources of employment.

For its part, the United Nations Office in Ecuador “insists on unrestricted respect for the constitutional and legal guarantees for social protests and the rules of due process applicable to all persons detained during demonstrations, in accordance with international human rights standards. “

Other sectors and social groups have previously protested against deteriorating living conditions. Among them are the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples (Conaie) and the youth of Central University.

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