Emotional well-being and health will be the central axes of UVA

It has been 29 years since the former Franciscan monastery first opened its summer courses in Adeje, the embryo of the current Summer University in the southern municipality. On July 15, 1993, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, the socialist Fernando Moran, then an MEP, was responsible for giving an introductory lecture focused on the role of the Ibero-American community at the United Nations.

Mayor Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fraga’s personal commitment to bringing culture and education closer to his neighbors, mainly dedicated to construction and full-fledged tourism development services in the south, has consolidated over time. Proper names such as former President Felipe Gonzalez, former UNESCO Director-General Federico, Zaragoza Mayor, Judge Baltassar Garson or philosopher Sami Nair, among others, have left their mark on the Southern Forum over the years.

Following the pandemic’s restrictions, the Adeje Summer University (UVA) is returning this year in retaliation, restoring face-to-face shape once the pandemic’s restrictions have been deactivated. Between 18 and 22 July, a wide range of trainings will be offered with 11 three-day courses and nine one-afternoon seminars. The registration period will start next Monday and the registration fee will be 25 euros for courses and 10 for seminars.

In this year’s edition, the central theme of the courses will be emotional well-being and health, and in line with the commitment, the introductory speaker will be Mar Romer, an emotional intelligence educator and author of several books on school and childhood.
At the presentation ceremony, La Laguna University Rector Rosa Aguilar highlighted a return to face-to-face courses, which she described as “very important” because this summer university is not only a teaching offer but also a meeting place for students.

In addition, he noted the close cooperation with the Adeje City Council, which materialized in the launch of a university campus and the development of EBAU tests in municipal facilities for two years.

The event, held at ULL’s Aula Magna, was also attended by Vice-Rector for Culture and Social Affairs Juan Albino Mendes and Cultural Adviser Maria Rosario Clavijo. buildings in the southern municipality from different points of view with people of different ages and ethnicities.

The eleven courses to be taught will be the following: Communication, Loss and Mourning, by Alfonso Miguel Garcia, Participation and Community Development in My Neighborhood (Vicente Zapata), Performing Arts for Communication Skills (Javier Rivero), Anthropology of death (Alfonso Garcia), Leadership and management of social services after the pandemic (Juan Manuel Herrera), Cognitive bias (Christian Rosales), Are there differences between men and women? (Angela Torbay), Image is Nothing, History is Everything (Patricia Delponti), The Cumbre Vieja Eruption in La Palma (Candelaria Martin), Emotional Intelligence (Christian Rosales) and SDC Integration in SME Operations and Communication Delponti).

The planned seminars are: Mental Health, by Eduardo Vera, Spanish Sign Language (Carmen Rodriguez), Science and Pseudoscience (Luis Capote), Attentiveness and Positive Psychology (Teresa Miro), New employment contracts after labor reforms (Dulce Cairos), Mass sport as a tool for value education (Pablo Caneiro) and botanical trails (Victoria Martin).

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