encourages its approval to promote healthy eating

The Committee on Human and Social Development has endorsed the initiative national law 27,642, Promotion of Nutrition Healthy, known as “front labeling”. Frente de Todos (FdT) deputy Sergio Fernandez Novoa explained that it is a very important regulation so that we can create healthier consumption habits and thus avoid diseases related to overweight, obesity and hypertension.

The legislator explained that in addition to complying with the requirements set by national regulations, an information campaign should be developed at the provincial level to warn of the harms of “poor diet” and also to enhance the benefits of access to consumption of “healthy” products.

In addition, the body chaired by the deputy of the Neuquen People’s Movement (MPN), Javier Rivero, unanimously approved the service, which establishes a common framework governing the practice of speech therapy at the provincial level. The Authority thus complied with the conditions laid down in national law 27 568 and designated the Deputy Minister of Health as the executive body responsible for authorizing and certifying its practice in the jurisdiction.

Similarly, the committee voted in favor of declaring legislative interest in the sports performance of Zapalin athlete Juliana Alejandro Baigoria Alarcon, who became a national runner-up in the hammer throw discipline and won the ODESUR gold medal.

In the meantime, the body decided to continue the debate until the next meeting on the establishment of the Observatory on Physical Activity and Sport, an initiative that will allow the development and planning of public policies based on the analysis of data and information obtained through various stages and links. which constitute the activity both in its entertainment and in the competitive aspect.

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