ERC offers self-cultivation and evaporation

ERC Congressman Gabriel Rufian.

The group of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) presented its own proposal to regulate cannabis medicinal In Spain. The initiative includes some key innovations regarding other participants in the parliamentary arch, such as the request to lift the bans so that those who request it can produce for own account in their homes for personal use.

“It is necessary to allow self-improvement of prescription patients who choose this path of access”reads the draft presented to the Bureau of the Committee on Health and Consumer Affairs of Congress of Deputiesto which you had access Medical writing.

One of the keys to the proposal, signed by Gabriel Rufiannot only to limit cannabis dosing to drugs, but to allow it consumption of raw flowers. In addition, they also opened the door to facilitate other routes for its administration, such as evaporators. “There are cases in which evaporation of cannabis with a medical device may be necessary,” they explained.

This position takes you a little further away starting point for its two parliamentary partners par excellence (Socialist Party and United We Can), who in their respective conclusions spoke at any time about medical cannabis through preparations or derivatives. What they have agreed on is the need to have a doctor’s prescription in order to receive it.

Medical cannabis through primary care

In its proposals, the Republican Group called for prescriptions to be extended to doctors from Primary care. While he is positioned in favor of achieving dispensation the whole network of pharmacies, both in the hospital and in the community. Something that is in line with the proposal that the General Council of Pharmacists submitted to Congress launches a pilot test

Esquerra Republicana chose this formula for the introduction of medical cannabis after checking in the various documents passed through the subcommittee that there were “Sufficient” scientific evidence to ensure its therapeutic use. “Access to raw cannabis flowers is considered necessary as it offers the full range of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids it produces. increased efficiency due to the entourage effect. have an apostille

To implement this strategy, Gabriel Rufian’s group asked the government to make it easierto provide more permitted clinical trials to evaluate the quality, safety and efficacy of different drugs. “Medical treatment with cannabis and its derivatives will be carried out under strict medical indications and supervision for those pathologies in which it has proven effective or the doctor deems it appropriate. Research on the medical uses of cannabis or its products should be encouraged. “they pointed out.

The draft conclusions also served as a call for simplification of the requirements for access to these medicines in the store. While it has given way to its main regulatory lines of current content Law on Guarantees and Rational Use of Medicines and Health Products approved in 2015

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