Everything you need to know to prepare for upper endoscopy

Digestive pathologies are often difficult to diagnose accurately based on their symptoms alone, so it is often necessary for the patient to undergo several more or less invasive testssuch as colonoscopy or upper endoscopy.

What is upper endoscopy?

As noted by the US National Institutes of Health, upper endoscopy is an imaging procedure used to examine the inner lining of the upper digestive tract (esophagus, stomach and duodenum, so it can also be called esophagogastroduodenoscopy).

It essentially consists of insert a long flexible tubee through the mouth to the area to be observed, which is currently considered preferable to calm the patient.

Given the scale of the procedure, it is not surprising that it is necessary some preparation.

Before the test

The patient You should not eat or drink anything for eight hours before until the exam. In the same way, you should consult your doctor if you are taking any medicines regularly, as you may not be taking them for the same period of time.

As the procedure is currently performed under sedation, it will be necessary to the patient is accompanied by an adult which can bring you home when you’re done.

Finally, the patient will have to attend the meeting with comfortable clothes and without makeup, jewelry, dentures, jewelry or metal devices and inform staff if you wear other dentures such as pacemakers.

During the test

Once in the unit, the staff will provide the person with clothing surgicallyto be put. Under such conditions, the patient lies on a stretcher and staff can administer oxygen, start IV, and monitor vital signs.


after test

After the test, there are some steps to follow. In particular to the patient will not be able to driveperform strenuous physical activity or dangerous activities or activities that involve great responsibility for the next twelve hours.

Similarly, must be rehydrated Avoid fizzy drinks or alcohol and be aware of any strange symptoms that will be a reason to go to the emergency room.


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