exceeds $ 237 and the difference is close to 100%

Buenos Aires Stock Exchange Dollar Counts (CCL) -operated with the bond Global 2030- it increased by 4.3% to $ 237.38, making the difference with the wholesale exchange rate 94.1%.

in turn, MEP dollar – also rated with Global 2030- increased by 3.1% to $ 230.19, so the spread with the official exchange rate is set at 88.2%.

Facing BCRA’s dollar buying rate, which failed to rise (this Monday ended with a positive result of $ 25 million), the market is moving to discount this it would not be possible to achieve the goal of accumulating reserveswhich adds to the growing difficulties that the currency balance will have from the second semester.

Faced with these fears, along with the noise of a sharp decline in CER securities, the financial dollars woke up strongly on Thursday of the week and so they rehearsed a quick upward adjustment. “They could not continue to be ironed in time in a high inflation scenario, given that, like wholesalers, they are incubating increasing relative backwardness.” warns operator.

Juan Pablo Albornoz, economic analyst at Ecolatinain dialogue with Ámbito, maintains that the sharp rise in financial dollars has occurred because “There was a very strong disarmament of positions, mainly in the CER headlines.”

“Part of the this cash flow revolves around money market instruments and, in part, the dollarAlbornoz finished his explanation.

For his part, financial analyst Christian Butler assured that this shot has several ends. “The first thing to note is this the dollar comes with incredible stability during the year against accumulated inflation of 30%. At one point, I had to adjust, “he said.

“If you maintain the same basic conditions (the same stocks and the same taxes that put pressure on the exchange rate), it is not logical that the dollar keep steady “described and added that “if all the prices of the economy travel to the order of 5% per month, the dollar is one price more.”

To this situation, he said, was added very strong bond sales This happened on Wednesday and Thursday. This caused “market unrest and led some investors to say which asset is cheap? And financial dollars were cheap.”

“That’s the main thing that’s moving the market. We’ll see how it goes. If CER bond sales pay off,” Butler said. warned that financial dollars “will find a new balance and continue to move normally”. “This stability is expected to end and they will start to rise more with inflation and peso emissions,” he concluded.

official dollar

IN the dollar today – excluding taxes – rose 51 cents to $ 127.60, according to the average value in the main subjects of the financial system, while at Banco Nación, the banknote is worth 25 cents to $ 127.25 for sale.

The savings dollar or the solidarity dollar -which includes 30% of the PAÍS tax and 35% of deductible profits- in advance 84 cents to $ 210.54 on average.

In addition, the wholesale dollar, which is regulated directly by BCRA, rose 50 cents to $ 122.30.

blue dollar

the blue dollar registers its second consecutive increase, renewing its highest value of 4 months, according to a study by Ámbito on the Black Currency Market.

The parallel dollar rose by $ 6 to $ 216, the highest since February 9 last year (when it closed at $ 217). He thus amassed a $ 8 down payment from last Friday.

Thus, the The difference between the blue dollar and the official wholesale exchange rate rose to 76.6%.

Despite the strong rise the informal dollar works with a significant difference compared to the financial dollar, which rises to $ 230 in the case of the MEP and to $ 237 in the case of the CCL.

“The big difference between the blues and the financiers is explained by the ‘black’ bills. There is a lot of parallel supply and little demand because there is no peso on the street. “ commented market operator to scope

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