Exercise Fury 2022: Mission accomplished

from cap. Gustavo Liebana / Photos: Alf. Melina Fernandez

On June 12, the A-4AR Fightinghawk weapons systems from the V Villa Reynolds Air Brigade (San Luis) arrived at the III Reconquest Air Brigade; IA-63 Pampa III of the VI Tandil Air Brigade (Buenos Aires); and the Texan T-6C from the Air Force Aviation School (EAM) School for participation in the actions planned for the last section of the Rage 2022 exercise.

During the day, the institution’s staff was visited by the Chief of Training and Recruitment Command (CAA), Brigadier General Fernando Mengo, who was present with the CAA Chief of Staff, Commodore Fabian Capelino, to personally monitor the recruitment of the deployed media and the optimal level of opportunities offered by the Systems participating in the Teaching.

The higher authorities toured the areas created on the platform for each weapon system, pilots, crews and technicians of the units participating in the exercise. In addition, they visited the sites designated for ongoing operations, which are part of the activity as observers on the ground and on board the funds involved in the operational fields.

The last day was marked by the development of air operations within the attack / combat support package of the ground component, with actions of:

  • Search and rescue in combat (BYRCOM) of the Special Operations Group (GOE) of the Argentine Air Force through the Bell 412 EP weapon system.

  • Defend your own resources through an escorted escort consisting of EMB-312 Tucano aircraft and Hughes 500-D helicopters, and an unrelated escort with IA-63 Pampa III.
  • The implementation of Rescue Combat Air Patrols (RESCAP) with A-4AR Fightinghawk aircraft.
  • The use of the Texan T-6C as enemy air combat vehicles.
  • Perform tactical navigation and air attack missions with GOE.
  • Near Airborne Support (AFAC).
  • Side shot of airborne vehicles transported day and night with NVG vision.

  • Night air raid with NVG Vision devices.

Finally, it should be noted that during the last two days (Saturday and Sunday) maximum combat efforts were made, where the highest number of take-offs and flight hours of aircraft were recorded, showing generally positive balances at the general level in terms of level of training. of the staff and attraction of the available means, as well as integration of the participating Systems and their specific doctrines for work in the entrusted task.

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