experience will have a grade for a teacher

Joan Subirats, Minister of Universities.

Universities will appreciate previous experience of teacher candidates, including those of the branch of Medicine and nurses, during the training process before obtaining the final position. A one – year course, the characteristics of which will be determined by the centers themselves, as set out in preliminary draft of the Law on Universities which the Council of Ministers is likely to approve next Tuesday.

Through this model, the Ministry of Universities fulfills its expectations for transfer to the highest echelons of the education system. training “Educational and compulsory” to which primary and secondary teachers must now submit. According to the newspaper, this is one of the measures that the minister emphasizes Joan Subirats just take it Manuel Castells.

In this sense, the head of the universities stressed the need to “strengthen the pedagogical training and teacher training” of medical professors and nurses, so that it does not depend only on the will of the teachers themselves. “It must be remembered that the university level is the only one in which teacher training is not required for teachers to practice their profession “, he stressed.

This desire will be embodied in the new law. As established in the preliminary draft to which he had access medical writing, teachers and assistants “perform, in the first year of the contractinitial teacher training course ”, the characteristics of whichwill be created by universitiesin accordance with their units responsible for teacher training and teaching innovation ‘.

In this sense, the preliminary draft emphasizes that universities, in accordance with their rules of procedure, “invitations to competitions for access to places of the university teaching bodies, which are charged with the state of expenditures of its budget ”. During these processes, he continues, “teaching and research experience ” of the candidates who will have a similar consideration in the criteria for assessment of merits, which will be considered by the centers.

“The selection committees will be composed of a majority of members from outside the university, elected by public lottery from among the entire teaching staff of the same or higher category, under the conditions determined by law,” he concluded.

Temporary employment in Spanish universities

At the same time, as well To bethe preliminary draft of the Law on Universities includes novelties related to temporary employment.

In particular, the text states that temporary contracts on campus cannot exceed 8 percent and not 20 percent, as stated in the first proposal from the Subirats division. He added the rule that “the associate professor of health sciences and that of the assistant doctor will not be calculated for this purpose.”

Furthermore, no maximum percentage of official staff has been set, which will in any case be “a majority calculated in full-time equivalents in relation to the total teaching and research staff of the university”.

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