False doctor in Concepcion: accused of practicing medicine with stolen registration – Tucuman

On May 3, we interviewed Dr. Sergio Guillermo Martinezafter exposing him on social media to an unusual fact that made him very worried and upset: he found that a fraudster was impersonating him with his professional registrationand has been visiting a sanatorium in southern Tucuman for several years.

On March 31, a friend of mine sent me a photo of a medical file signed by a doctor with the same name as me, jokingly telling me:see you have twins in the south‘. I zoomed in and saw that the registration number was mine.. On the same day, I went to Sipros to file a complaint with the 1st Police Department, “he told us at the time. However, not wanting to wait for justice to come, Martinez went in person to the Concepcion clinic where he was present and confronted him after talking to the receptionist: “”I am the real doctor Sergio Martinez, tell the one who uses my seal to come and explain to me what is happening here or contact the owner of the clinic‘. Then a man leaves the office and tells me, “Come on, Doctor, I’ll explain what’s going on. I went in and told him who he was, and he told me, “I’m the one using your license plate.”, I told him I was going to put him in jail, and he told me not to do anything because his job is … such insolence! I told him, “if you want to be a doctor, go study, and I just practiced medicine, not in my name,” he told eltucumano.

Following complaints from both the prosecutor’s office and the police station in the southern Tucuman capital, the prosecutor’s office said the man who had been illegally practicing the medina had been finally charged. and the usurpation of identity: “The prosecutor’s office accused him of crimes of usurpation of titles and honors and illegal medical activity. A hearing convened by the prosecutor’s office was held this Monday (June 13th) to formalize the investigation and bring charges against a 39-year-old man accused of working at a clinic in Concepcion, providing services as a medical therapist without a qualified title and to use the professional registration of another doctor who condemned this situation last April, when he said he accidentally discovered that another person practiced medicine under his name and with his registration number in a sanatorium for patients of PAMI “, they confirmed.

The case continues the early decision-making department of the Concepcion courts, by Prosecutor Miguel Varela. During the hearing, Assistant Prosecutor Maria Emilia Lopez Delgado continued to share the facts and evidence available to the prosecution so far.

“According to the indictment made by the MPF, Between May 2019 and April 2022, the defendant worked in the aforementioned clinic, working in the field of health care, more specifically in intensive care.and that in order to achieve this goal he simulates the quality of a health professional, prescribing treatment and prescriptions, dispensing medicines and signing medical records of patients admitted to the hospital under the identity, name and registration number of a professional from the capitaland that he used his seal for it, receiving a monthly salary, “they confirmed, as Martinez accused.

“Also, It is added that this activity was performed without a license or permission.using an identity other than their own, compromising public health and public administration with their behavior ”.

“Among the evidence available to the prosecution, the officer described in detail the testimony of relatives of patients treated at the clinic; statements of employees of the same; protocols of examinations performed at the hospital; reports provided by the Faculty of Medicine indicating that the defendant is a full-time student in his career and that the applicant graduated in 2005.. “The kidnapping of the defendant’s mobile phone, found during an action carried out a few days ago in his home, is also mentioned,” they said.

The attributed temporary legal qualification is for the crimes of usurpation of titles and honors and illegal practice of medicine to the detriment of the state administration and public health.

Recall that after the accusation against the clinic and the doctor with stolen registration number became public, relatives of deceased patients in this health facility painted and vandalized its facade, demanding an immediate response from the justice system against a person who signed the death certificates of his close.

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