Felix Payo, a model for pulmonology in Asturias, dies

Felix Payo Loza, in a photo published in the journal of the Asturian Medical College.

IN Pneumology on Principality of Asturias mourns the death at the age of 75 Felix Payo Losareference to Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA)among other local institutions.

Payo Loza was a specialist in respiratory physiology at National Silicosis Institute of HUCA, the center with which he was associated for more than four decades, from 1972 until his retirement in 2018.

He was also a promoter of Laboratory of Pulmonary Function and Respiratory Physiologya center that many remember as a “career” that raised pulmonologists from all over Spain.

Although his field of care and research for many years has focused on silicosishe is also remembered as a pioneer in respiratory obstructive syndrome (Sleep apnea), and in the last stage of his professional career he made great efforts to disseminate information about the dangers of pollution to lung health.

Commitment to public health

Another of the professional aspects of Felix Payo Losa This was his role in Association for the Protection of Public Healthof which he even became local president.

He was also an active member of civil society organizations such as Xixón Anti-Pollution Platform (Gijón)with which he collaborates, conducting scientific talks to raise public awareness of the problem of pollution.

He also writes articles on this topic, such as the one published by the magazine Official College of Physicians of the Principality of Asturias.

In addition to pulmonology, Weak Payo He had a degree in Internal medicinein which he practiced more in his first professional stage and whose knowledge certainly served as a supplement to his later daily life as a pulmonologist.

Various testimonies left on social media by some colleagues remind him in those hours as “great doctorAnd also emphasized their own human, scientific and health aspects.

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