Female masturbation and its benefits for well-being: do not give up!

For many years, female masturbation It is accepted as a taboo. While the male was taken for granted, women seemed to be subjected to sexual silence in which they did not seem to touch. After all, that was it, the silence while lounging and enjoying in solitude.

As satisfies became popular a few years ago, female sexuality took a step forward and ceased to be seen as a guilty element. However, there are still women who have not joined this wave and who are still reluctant to do so as regularly as men. This is evidenced by a study published by Superdrug’s Online Doctor, in which 88% of women admit to masturbating regularly, compared to 96% of men. Therefore, there is still a long way to go in this aspect.

The benefits of masturbation in women

If you are one of the women who still has reservations about masturbating, maybe this list of benefits will make you change your mind and join the wave of pleasure. To take into account:

  • Boosts your sex life: There is no better way to find out what you like and what excites you than to discover it for yourself. Every woman is holy and there is only one way to touch: she may like you with a specific rhythm, in a specific area, with a specific pattern … and its clarity will allow you to explain it to your sexual partner and that your relationship is much more -pleasant.
  • Goodbye to stress: There are thousands of reasons that favor the appearance of stress every day. Exams, work, family, pace of life … You may notice how stress begins to overshadow your daily life and one of the best solutions to get rid of it is masturbation. This is due to the fact that at the moment of orgasm the body releases endorphins, a chemical that stimulates the area of ​​the brain where pleasant emotions are generated. Therefore, indirectly, it will help you fall asleep better if you touch before falling asleep.
  • Reduces menstrual cramps: there are women whose menstruation is extremely painful. In addition to some medications or pills that can relieve this pain, you can also resort to something much more natural and pleasant for you: masturbation. This statement was confirmed by a study by Womanizer, which analyzed 466 women in six months. The result is that 70% of them categorically state that masturbation directly reduces the discomfort of the period, while the remaining 30% comment that they have noticed a significant reduction in pain.
  • Strengthens pelvic floor muscles: The pelvic floor plays an important role during intercourse as it controls the sensitivity of the genitals, arousal, lubrication and the intensity of orgasms, among other functions. Therefore, strengthening this area is necessary if we want to have a pleasant and healthy sex life.

Now that you’ve seen some of the benefits of masturbation for well-being … what are you waiting for to get down to business?

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