From Tatar to Greek Cypriots: “This attitude on the part of Greek Cypriots is stupidity and inhumanity”

The President of the Republic of Turkey Northern Cyprus (RTCN), Ersin Tatar, reacts to the participation of Lazaras Mavroswhose name was in the Greek passport used by the head of PKK separatist terrorist organizationbefore being captured, in a military exercise conducted in the Greek Cypriot administration (abbreviated in Turkish, GKRY).

In his inaugural address in the Girne area, Tatar said that although Greek Cypriots are talking about peace and good neighborly relations, there is still resentment and immorality against Turkey.

“In addition to the participation of Greek Cypriot priests in the exercise, we saw a person (Greek journalist Lazaros Mavros) whose name was on a fake passport given to (PKK leader) Abdullah Yocalan holding a gun during a military battle. maneuver. Interestingly, the administration provided Yojalan with a Greek Cypriot passport, which he uses this figure (Mavros) now in practice. It is really impossible to understand, “he said.

The Turkish Cypriot president denounced the Greek Cypriot attitude as “buffoonery” and “inhuman” and said Greece had also taken some steps against Turkey on the Aegean islands, which oppose international agreements.

“Greece believes it will besiege Anatolia by expanding its operations there (Aegean islands) to the eastern Mediterranean, but such a thing will never happen. The Turkish nation will never allow it. We are following a process based on law and international agreements with Turkey, “he said.

Tatar noted that TRCN will take a worthy place in the world and hopes that its economic prosperity will increase in the future.

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