Get your health ready for tomorrow today: Quirónprevention has launched its preventive medicine project

Quirónprevención, in its commitment to taking care of people’s health in a comprehensive way, is expanding its range of services with a new preventive medicine and health services for individualswhereby its centers will become part of Quirónsalud’s health network of hospitals and health centers.

In the morning, Quirónprevención will continue to carry out its usual health surveillance activities with medical examinations, and in the afternoon its facilities will be optimized to include a range of health consultations with medical specialists in urology, gynecology, general surgery, otolaryngology, clinical psychology, physiotherapy, and nutrition and dietetics.

“With this project, Quirónprevención is taking a step forward in its commitment to medicine and preventive health, while also removing the line between occupational and personal health, re-emphasizing the concept of health and holistic health,” said Leopoldo Alvarez, director of institutional relations at Quirónprevención. .

In addition, with this initiative, Quirónsalud is expanding its healthcare network to ensure the health of its patients in those provinces where it has not been present through a medical center or hospital, but through Quirónprevención.

The project is currently underway with a pilot project in four centers located in Madrid (c / Principe de Vergara 134), La Coruna (Avda. Finisterre, 265, C), Vigo (Rúa Arquitecto Pérez Bellas) and Malaga (Avda. Vivar Téllez, 7) with a view to gradual expansion this year and next.


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Quirónprevención, Quirónsalud Group’s occupational risk prevention company, is a leading international company in the health and safety sector. It has more than 7,000 employees, 170,000 customer companies and more than 4.5 million protected workers. It is present throughout the country through a network of over 240 centers. In addition, it is located in 6 other countries with its own subsidiaries and provides consulting services in more than 25. Its goal is nothing but to ensure the safety, health and well-being of people working in its client companies.

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