Gilead deals with the link between fungal infections and covid

Daniel O’Day, CEO of Gilead Sciences.

Las fungal infections their frequency increases. More and more patients are likely to become infected with one of these invasive infections, including patients with Covid-19. This is confirmed by studies presented during the 32nd edition of European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (Eccmid), in order to analyze and review the latest data and clinical developments for these two infectious diseases, Sciences of Gileadwith the scientific support of the Spanish Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology (Seimc) organized the session “The best of Eccmid 2022”.

For Isabel Ruiz Lagerifrom the University Hospital Vall d’Hebron and coordinator of this session, “this type of invasive infection had a large presence in Congress, as well as Covid-19, and it is important to stop to analyze what were clinical progress in these infectious diseases and what health challenges we face now that Covid-19 is also associated with these severe infections, especially with aspergillus fungal infection in Europe”.

Fungal diseases include today a High death rate and particularly affect more vulnerable patients with weakened immune systems. IN early treatment and on multidisciplinary care they are currently a major factor in achieving better survival rates and reducing the difficulty of diagnosis, avoiding their localization in the late stages. “The fungal infection exists, it will not go away. It is important that the specialists are trained, prepared and above all that we can count new therapeutic solutions and diagnostic techniques to help us with the early detection and treatment of these opportunistic infections, ”Ruiz said in detail.

Covid-19, progress and results after two years of pandemic

Care for patients with Covid-19 is adapted to the different phases of pandemic. Currently, vaccines available against Covid-19 helped reduce the severity of symptoms and control the spread of the virus and disease. However, there is still a group of infected patients at risk of severe disease and people with immune deficiency which require effective and safe treatments to prevent the progression of the infection or to target more serious health problems.

In this regard, the session coordinator said that the way Covid-19 is being handled has completely changed. Currently and thanks to vaccines is a much less aggressive disease for a large part of the population. Now, in addition to vaccines, we have treatments that are effective in preventing hospital admission, intensive care, respiratory failure or even death in patients who are at risk. “

During these two years of pandemic, approval and access to effective solutions This was essential for the management and care of the covid patient. As explained Alejandro Martin-Kirosfrom the Universitario de la Paz in Madrid, “about 60 per cent of patients admitted with symptoms of Covid-19 were treated with antivirus tools and on corticosteroids available. The studies presented at Eccmid 2022 confirm that the treatment have reduced intake and mortality by 90% for any coronavirus-related cause.

Similarly, during his speech at the “Best of Covid-19” session, this expert reviewed some of the most impressive data presented at this congress, such as real-life studies that confirm benefits in patients with covid and other studies showing results in a special population, such as pregnant women or transplant patients ‘long covid’.

Participants in the ‘Best of Eccmid’ meeting

The online meeting, coordinated by Isabel Ruiz Camps, which brought together clinicians from a variety of specialties such as infectious disease specialists, emergency physicians, hematologists, microbiologists and intensivists, was attended by: Carolina Garcia Vidalfrom Hospital Clínic de Barcelona; Ana Alastruyof the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII) in Madrid and Alejandro Martin-Kirosfrom La Paz University Hospital in Madrid.

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