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SCS invites the people of the Canary Islands to participate in this initiative, which seeks to improve personalized care for patients with chronic, oncological, degenerative and rare diseases through the use of cutting-edge technological tools and which in this 1st phase focuses on healthy life of the general population. Those wishing to participate can get more information by calling 922 474 777, 928 724 777 and 618 798 099; as well as on the website

The Ministry of Health continues to make progress on the artificial intelligence project beware in which 3185 registrations have already been received for the various uses of this initiative. Participants must interact for four months with a computer application about their health habits. Residents of the archipelago of all ages and health can participate in this project.

People joining the initiative should use a simple mobile application that will allow the exchange of information on healthy eating habits, physical activity, mood, substance use – new addictions and situations of unwanted loneliness.

Care card

To enable this exchange, project participants will need to devote between 5 and 10 minutes to the application, three times a week, for a period of approximately four months, with their experience and assessments on selected learning topics and from which they will receive information and recommendations.

Thanks to this exchange of information and through the application of artificial intelligence systems, the aim is to make progress towards personalized medicine, more adapted to the needs and expectations of users.

Once this first phase is completed, there will be a second phase, which will last 10 months and will focus on the most common pathologies, as well as rare diseases, as well as a smart voice recorder capable of transcribing the conversation in consultation between professionals and patients to the textual format of the clinical history.

How to participate

Residents of the Canary Islands who are interested in participating in the project must give their consent by filling in the consent form available on the SCS website, which must be sent scanned or photographed with a mobile phone to the email address Cuidate. scs @gobiernodecanarias. org.

In addition, they can call 922 474 777 or 928 724 777, where they will be offered more information, even by appointment. The 618 798 099 hotline is also active for WhatsApp procedures.

Five study areas

Personalized medicine requires a lot of data to individually adjust diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations. In order to collect and process them, it is necessary to develop computer tools in stages, which is why this first stage of Cuídat-e focuses on the following five areas of training:

-Smart spoon: on eating habits and healthy and attractive alternatives. The app will offer information on the nutrients of regular foods, ready meals, processed foods, daily balances of calories and nutrients, recommendations for achieving a balanced diet, balanced menus.

-We are counting on you: for physical activity, mobility and exercise. The application will take into account calorie expenditure and will extract models of physical activity and mobility. Based on this data, it will propose challenges to maintain motivation and provide guidance on training as needed.

-Healthy smile: for mental state, positive coping with challenges and difficulties in life, overcoming stress, sense of belonging, usefulness and fullness, rest, sleep and organization of time. The app will provide tactics and tips for dealing with stress in a healthy way, self-motivation, relaxation and meditation.

-Tobacco, alcohol and other addictions: on the consumption of addictive substances, dependence on ICT and new addictions. The tool will derive patterns of behavior and provide general information related to addictions and their impact in the short, medium and long term. As well as tips and tactics to regain control.

“Better in company.”: for situations of unwanted loneliness, social isolation and experiences of alienation, for overcoming and improving interpersonal, playful, affective and social contact relationships. The tool will return general information, such as tactics or strategies for socialization and empathy to promote social contact and available resources. In addition, it will offer individual and group activities and challenges, facilitate videos, games and other mixed experiences (virtual and face-to-face) to make contact with other people easier.

Health and artificial intelligence

beware is the first phase of an innovative project called MedP-Big Data Personalized Medicine, run by Canary Health Service and developed jointly with the Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health of the Generalitat Valenciana, under the FID Health Program of the Ministry of Science and Innovation .

The project seeks to improve personalized care (diagnosis, treatment and research) for patients with chronic, oncological, degenerative and rare diseases, through the use of advanced technological tools to offer a more modern and effective health service.

This project for personalized medicine and big data was launched by the Government of the Canary Islands and the Generalitat Valenciana and approved by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. It has a budget of € 5,833,774, of which the Canary Islands will receive 3,833,774 (85% ERDF co-financing) and the Valencian Government 2,000,000 (50% ERDF co-financing).

Finally, it should be noted that two programs have been signed to strengthen digital skills for participants with a low digitalisation profile, so that the resulting mobile applications can recognize and empathize with these profiles and contribute to reducing the digital divide and search for maximum project inclusion.

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