“Having a child changes your life and is the most rewarding,” Dr. Lemuel Martinez

The infectologist confirms that his children were the most satisfying thing in his life, even more than the achievements of his profession.

Louis Ochoa

June 19, 2022 | | Reading time: 4 min

Dr. Lemuel Martinez, infectious disease specialist, member of the American Society of Infectious Diseases (IDSA) and father of two. Photo: provided by the doctor.

Dr. Lemuel Martinez, infectious disease specialist, member of the American Society of Infectious Diseases (IDSA) and father of two, shared his experience with fatherhood, which he describes as challenging and rewarding at the same time.

“It’s a very big challenge. When you start having a family, you start to have more parental responsibilities“He said, acknowledging that the drug was a time-consuming discipline and that time to share with family is not the same every day.

“Those who may work in an office can control the weather, but the hospital is more complicated, there may be emergencies or unexpected situations that require the specialty that works, in this case infectious disease,” he added. It is a challenge to have a family in a structured system when our careers are not so structured as far as times are concerned“.

IN dialogue with medicine and public health He said his passion for the profession began very early, he was attracted by the understanding of the human body, the understanding of physiology, biochemistry and the application of this knowledge to humans. “Medicine allows you this combination of applied science in people’s lives, not only knowing the processes, but also how you can offer help that affects the health of the individual,” he said.

His process of being a father involves several challenges for his familyespecially because in the COVID-19 emergency, they had to apply various precautions to avoid infection, given that he had survived many situations exposed to the virus without the necessary equipment or in the best conditions.

“At the time, one didn’t know how contagious the virus was. virus by various other means to the respiratory tract and We have always been aware of the risks this entails. This is well known in the field of infectology, but it was more stressful during the pandemic. “

In this regard, he added that “when children see that a person comes from work, they see their father arrive, not the doctor, and they jump because they haven’t seen them in a long timethat’s why many of us create disinfection zones outside the house to protect them. ”

Now that society has returned to daily activities, she understands that her children can be exposed anywhere, but she emphasizes that family conversations and the support they have given her allow her to face the challenge of balancing her professional life and the family. “We must try not to miss the most important activities in medicine and the family“.

His experience with the birth of his first baby excites him and confirms that all children are a blessing, although he makes various sacrifices and waits with his wife because of their employment, the time has come to have a child and there is no feeling to describe it. “You can work in hospitals and take part in different births, but there’s nothing to compare to the experience of living it.”

He also spoke about the responsibilities of the home, given that his wife is also a doctor. “We share the responsibilities, but not from the point of view that it affects us, but look at it as moments to share with children

She recently gave birth to her second child, a second blessing, “everything is multiplying. This is even more rewarding than the career one can makehe added.

His recommendations to new parents are aimed at balancing time with family and vocation, so as not to miss the best moments of their children. “The most valuable thing is to admit that this is a great, challenging responsibility, but it is the most rewarding thing a person will have in life. One can make many academic, economic sacrifices, but none of this will keep you up at night.These things will not look you in the eye. ”