Health and well-being of older people: an NGO that promotes a healthy lifestyle through leisure and exercise

Achieve exercise is important at all stages of life, as it is useful for the body. Both body and mind. In this order, a ONG call RAFAM Foundation (Physical Activity Network for the Elderly) focuses on providing free workshops for retirees to be able to share a a place for recreation, entertainment and socialization.

“This is great. I feel really good. Now I started big, because when I was little I worked and they didn’t give me time. Here we work legs, arms, abdomen and dance a little“, He commented Nini Fletas, retiredfor the space provided by RAFAM.

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I feel more energetic, more willing to do things. We wave our hands, then stop and dance to music. We do a lot of body movementsadd another retired call Lydia Salviawho is very happy every time he visits the workshops offered by NGOs.

Physical activity is health, it is life, it is well-being. And thanks to the foundation’s work, dozens of seniors can find a place to exercise while having fun and chatting with their peers. “We are toasting physical activity, gym and sports classes. We have classical dance, walk. Virtual and face-to-face modality, “she said. Sylvia Maranzano (President of the RAFAM Foundation).

All the details in the video.

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