Health residences: the invitation is still open

Thursday, June 16, 2022 | 8:20

Registration for the 2022 Health Science Competition is open until the 17th of this month at Misiones. The call to the Ministry of Health started yesterday.

Applicants can register online at and confirm registration by submitting the Human Resources Requirements folder to the Ministry of Public Health (Tucumán 2174), Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm 14 hours. .

The forms are also online at

“The call is to cover 178 positions. The audience we’re talking about is for graduates who already have a degree, are already registered, but are coming in to do a hospital specialization in three or four years, “said Rodolfo Fernandez Sosa, deputy secretary of human resources.

He added: “Today, a professional residence costs 110,000 pesos a month, and for their work and study, after about four years, they come out with the title of specialist awarded by the College of Physicians of the province, which recognizes this specialization.”

The unified exam will be held on August 9 in person at the headquarters of the Catholic University of Missions (Ucami) and the National University of Mission (Unam). Meanwhile, residencies at Mission’s hospitals will begin on September 1st.

critical specialties

Pediatrics, gynecology and clinical medicine are the specialties that are missing in the hospitals in the province, as well as the vacancies that are not covered in the invitations to the competition for medical residency.

“There are specialties that we consider critical and that we need human resources to recover, and these are pediatricians, obstetricians, clinicians: they are trench doctors, those who serve 90% of the population.” said the official.

Fernandez Sosa admitted: “Unfortunately, these quotas have not been covered in recent years, and recent graduates choose more technical, surgical or more equipment management majors. That is why they are most in charge of anesthesia, traumatology, imaging.

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