Healthy food for the vulnerable sectors of the province

The main goal is access to healthy food and trade links between family farming and social economy products and popular sectors.

The Minister of Social Development, Diego Alvarez, is chairing a meeting to advance the implementation of public policies aimed at promoting access to healthy food from the sectors with the greatest social vulnerability,

From the meeting employees and technicians of the Ministry of Social Development of La Pampa, employees and team of the National Council for Coordination of Social Policies at the Presidency of the Nation and mayors and employees of the municipalities of Realico, Toai and Makachin.

Alvarez said that “through various strategies from the provincial government, we are constantly working to ensure the population’s access to the right to food.” At the same time, we want these foods to be healthy. For this reason, our teams travel throughout the province, assessing and monitoring the quality of the food they receive from the provincial state. ”

He explained that the topic of the virtual meeting revolved around the search for the best strategies for the implementation of the National Council’s Access to Healthy Foods Program “Mercados Multiplicar”. In this case, it was with three municipalities, but it will expand, because we want to gain territoriality, to provide an opportunity for a link between local production of local family farming.

“We are talking about short marketing channels – added the Minister – which lead to greater availability of healthy food and affordable prices for lower-income sectors, giving priority to food and food card beneficiaries, retirees and beneficiaries of other social programs implemented by national and provincial ministries of social development.

The meeting was also attended by Deputy Secretary of Social Economy Yolanda Cariso, Director of Planning Maria Laura Ramborger, Director and Deputy Director of Social Economy Sergio Gomez and Rodrigo Giraudo and Director of Family Agriculture Mariano Alende. For the National Council, the National Director for Social Policy Development, Nicolas Carvalho, and the technical team.

The provincial municipalities were Toi Mayor Rodolfo Alvarez, Realico Secretary of Social Development Julietta Cavallo and Macachin Production and Entrepreneurship Director Sandra Gigena.

The National Council stressed the importance of this articulation between the three levels of government as the best way to reach the territory with adequate public policies, flexibility and a better chance of success, as they stressed that the program must adapt to the characteristics and capabilities of production, logistics, consumption and infrastructure of the settlements that will be its goal. They also pointed out that the priority foods in the program are those that, as part of the main basket, are prioritized by teams of nutritionists, as they provide the best nutritional quality to sectors with fewer opportunities to acquire.

The main goal of the program is the access to healthy food and the trade connection of the products of family agriculture and social economy with the popular sectors. Finally, the importance of these local markets having electronic means of payment that accept food and food cards was emphasized, with the possibility for these consumers to have access to differentiated prices.

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