Heka was among the first public hospitals in the country to donate organs and excelled

The Federal Health Council (Cofesa) honored the hospital for emergency care Dr. Clemente Alvarez (Heca) for being among the seven hospitals in the country that generated the highest number of organ transplants in 2021.. The recognition was officially announced this Monday, June 13, through the Minister of Health of the Nation Carla Visoti.

Thus on Heka is in third place with 518 organ transplantspreceded by Simply Evita Hospital in Gonzalez Catan with 765 transplants and Escuela de Agudos Hospital Dr. Ramon Madariaga in Misiones, which performed 645 transplants.

For the director of Heca, Jorge Bitar, “organ donation is the greatest act of solidarity that a human being can generate. That means nothing more and nothing less than prolong the life of someone waiting for an organgiven that someone is in a situation of pain and that on the other hand another person is waiting for an organ to prolong or improve his life ”.

The donor hospital’s strategy is the healthcare industry’s response to the demand for transplants in Argentina. Its implementation has allowed healthcare facilities to include the supply of organs and tissues as a medical support activity guaranteed by the healthcare system.

Especially Ablations and transplants can be performed thanks to the great commitment of loved onesfacing the deep pain of losing a loved one and through an act of solidarity, they ensure the life expectancy of people waiting for transplants.

The hospitals that performed the most transplants in the country in 2021 are the following:

– Hospital Simply Evita – González Catán (Buenos Aires) 765
– Dr. Ramon Madariaga Acute School Hospital (Misiones) 642
– Clemente Alvarez Emergency Hospital (Rosario) 518
– Central Hospital (Mendoza) 366
– San Martin Hospital (Entre Rios) 309
– Angel Cross Padilla Hospital (Tucuman)
– Dr. Jose Maria Cullen Hospital (Santa Fe) 248

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