honor in his time. Dr. Héctor Ortiz, a well-known representative of pediatrics

Dr. Hector Luis Ortiz Martinez is a solemn medical specialist from Yauco, Puerto Rico. On his exalted path to pediatrics, the doctor says he is the first doctor in his family.

Dr. Héctor Luis Ortíz, pediatrician.

The doctor. Hector Luis Ortiz Martinez is a ceremonial medical specialist from Yauco, Puerto Rico. On its sublime path to pediatricsthe doctor says he is the first doctor in your family.

“I did not receive a recommendation from someone who motivated me to study medicine, so in general my whole vocation was to save lives and improve quality of life from patients. This romantic thought still excites me”,

said the doctor in an interview with the Journal of Medicine and Public Health.

Dr. Ortiz introduces us to his life and tells us that when he arrived at the School of Medicine, he intended to be a gynecologist, but in the third year of clinical rotations, he reflected that gynecology did not appeal to him as he thought. So, later he turned around in the field of ophthalmology, but he was not convinced either.

Unlike when I was spinning pediatrics I was quite surprised because I didn’t expect to like it so much. Every day I became happy that I would take care of the children, that I would take care of the mothers, that I would improve them quality of lifeetc”;

The doctor said emotionally.

Later, in his fourth year, he made another rotation to make sure he really wanted to, and it turned out to be so. “So I stayed with that. “said.

I woke up every day thinking that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Dealing with the children was what filled me the most. So in the end I choose pediatrics”,

he claims.

Héctor Ortiz also refers to the fact that when he finished his degree, it was a different time and he did not do a subspecialty, but now he believes that God knows what he is doing, because in fact there are currently no common pediatricians.

“When you are with the patient, you realize what will make you happy in the long run. and it happened to me”,

identify the doctor.

He believes that all this depends a lot on the vocation and way of life of each person, so he does not regret anything and hotly states that if he was born again, he would be a pediatrician, and if not, he would be a teacher.

The other thing it would be if it wasn’t doctor or a pediatrician, it would be to be a teacher. To be able to teach others the little but valuable thing you know. This is another area that fills me a lot. Because it fills me a lot to be able to share the little or much I can give. Besides, not everything is medicine, not everything is knowledge, not everything is theory. There is also the human part, we must not forget that“.


When I graduate, I do my residency at pediatrics at the Caguas Regional Hospital, and after completing my residency, I moved to Mayaguez in 1986 (at the age of 28) and live there now. I worked for the first two years with another recognized pediatrician in Mayaguez, and later created my own private practice”; said the pediatrician.

The doctor added that he also worked at Belavista Hospital until 2000 and at Peria Hospital, in addition to his private practice. Then, when the health reform program began in Puerto Rico and he joined, he began working at San Antonio Inc Hospital in Mayaguez.

I am currently continuing my practice in the private office and have the privilege of courtesy at Perea Hospital. Besides, I’m a director Doctor of the Department of Pediatrics at the San Antonio Hospital since 2012”,

he claims.

In June 2019, Ortiz started working as a hospitalist at Centro Doctor of Mayaguez, still practicing his private practice. He is a professor ad honorem of third-year students at the Ponce School of Medicine, as well as exchange students from Guadalajara, Mexico. Similarly, he has been an ad honorem professor at the Rio Piedra Medical Sciences Campus for about eight years.

In itself, I have a lot of activities that fill me a lot, because in addition to the daily activity of examining patients, I also deal with the educational part.He told the ICJ.

Cooperation in AMPRO

Hector Ortiz joined the Western Rivers Society of Pediatrics in 1986. He was president in the 1990s. Subsequently, it continued as doctoradvisor to the board and chairman of the scientific committee.

I am currently on the Scientific Committee, the person who belongs to the directive, who, among other responsibilities, is responsible for procuring human resources at conferences for the annual congresses. From there, they also try to keep pediatric medical education up to date”;

he claims.

Retirement date?

“I see that my retirement date is getting farther and farther away, firstly because I like what I’m doing and secondly because I don’t see myself doing anything else. Maybe I will work less or dedicate myself to teaching instead of going to the hospital, but I still can’t say the date of retirement. as long as I am healthy and alert for everything, no. As long as I have physical and mental health, my goal is to continue“, Assured the pediatrician.

His projects are mainly to continue with what he does, to continue to study, both academically and humanly, and to continue to strengthen his spiritual part.

I would also like to emphasize preventive medicine, especially vaccination.. In addition, my priorities include educating about the myths that have led to a reduction in vaccination rates, putting at risk the health and lives of the most vulnerable, children and patients with weakened immune systems.He told the ICJ.


As for Hurricane Maria two years ago, Dr. Ortiz remembers it as a great learning experience. He says he had a very good experience, well, he had a patient hospitalized for 28 days during the hurricane. “I had to go to see this patient in the hospital at least twice a day, but despite how difficult it was, due to the situation the island and therefore the patients were going through, I learned a lot. I also learned that technology is not all that you can get back to basics“.

Now he says that with the subject of earthquakes he has had the opportunity to go on missions in mountain villages to bring supplies and see the needs of others, and he believes that for this reason the human factor must always be present.

I also went on missions in Haiti, it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.“.

That is why he advises his medical students, when they have the opportunity to go to places in need, to go, because it will change their lives.

This experience in Haiti changed my life 180 °He continued. He says it changed his whole perspective on what is needed and to learn to appreciate how little or how much you have. However, he still hopes to have this kind of experience again, whether in Haiti or anywhere, and not in the not too distant future.

Message from Dr. Ortiz

The message that Ortiz sends to his colleagues and medical students is that first, the most important thing is the vocation. Let what you do fill your heart, and if you have no calling in what you do, find something else. “That is why my favorite word in life is vocation. ”dice.

Second, that in medicine, as in other similar professions, no kind of technology is above the patient. Never think you know everything, know how to recognize your limitations, and when you reach them, seek help for the benefit of the patient.

The message to parents is to trust their pediatrician, ask all the questions you need to ask, trust him, and go to the pediatrician first before going to the emergency room.

Taking me into account above all else is a kind of relationship that I value very much because I also protect and educate the patient.“.

With regard to preventive medicine, the pediatrician considers the education of patients to be essential, as “educated mother and father, leads to another patient healthy”; completed.