How is healthy eating? The experts answer

Caring for food is a habit that is gradually attracting more interest in people, whether it is improving their health, losing, maintaining or gaining weight. What usually happens this way is that many believe that in order to begin the transition to a healthy life, you need to stop consuming these favorite foods from the closet.

A study conducted by Ingredion, a global supplier to the ingredient solutions market, and the consulting firm Opinaia, reflect that Colombian consumers are 78% interested in food and proper nutrition in order to be 65% healthy. Similarly, they add that in a global context sensitive to the coronavirus pandemic, health and personal care are the topics of most interest in the region with 42%.

In this sense, to eat well without leaving behind what you like, nutritionist Brenda Portella mentions that “It must be borne in mind that 80% of our diet must be healthy and balanced, while the remaining 20% ​​must be what I call ‘casual foods’. which are the ones we obviously know we can’t consume on a daily basis because they can be harmful. Not just focusing on the aesthetic part, but legitimately on health. So as long as this balance of food is maintained anyway, we will stay healthy. “

Another important fact is the amount of calories a person should consume. For this point in Manzana verde (health food app) they assure that it all depends on each person, as not everyone has the same metabolism, but more or less the calories for life are between 1000 and 1200. So things need to be judged on what activities you do on a daily basis if you are completely stuck or if you are doing any physical activity.

Being overweight can cause coronary heart disease. – Photo: Getty Images / iStockphoto

Portella emphasizes that MV is a good start to start changing your eating habits and not suffering from the experience. There are no “restrictive dishes in the mentioned site, in all your dishes you will find carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the appropriate portions”.

He added that “there is the possibility to get to your home or office, wherever you are without additional delivery costs. An already prepared dish is a good step to start and thus you avoid excessive time in the kitchen. Similarly, this app has a chat where people can talk to a nutritionist and ask any questions they may have.

Colombian food

Typical Colombian dishes have a special charm due to their merging with other cultures such as Spanish and African. The ingredients and their preparation are unique. Adjako is one of the most representative in the country. Potatoes, chicken breasts, peas and corn are some of its main ingredients. This dish is rich, but also healthy.

Although also, Creole chicken and pork fillet milanesa, among others, are dishes that are part of the broad balanced catalog that Manzana Verde offers to its consumers at affordable prices.

“The key to these dishes is to prepare them with the right portions. Potatoes provide mainly carbohydrates, in addition to other nutrients. Carbohydrates provide energy that is used for cells, tissues, organs of the body and muscles. If you consume this dish in the right amounts, it can favor your nutritional purpose and adapt it to your needs. In addition, the advantage of Manzana verde is that it shows the nutritional information of all dishes, “said Portella.

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