How much is trading this Monday, June 13, 2022?

The monetary power comes from the purchase of only $ 40 million last week after energy payments of $ 500 million were made.

The burden of energy and fuel imports has complicated the Central’s scenario of meeting the target of stockpiling, as set out in the agreement with the IMF, and calls into question whether the targets can be met in the second quarter of this year.

IN The parallel dollar rose by $ 5 to $ 215, the highest since February 17 last year, accumulating an advance of $ 7 in the last two consecutive rounds and remains above the solidarity.

Price of the solidarity dollar, Monday, June 13

IN The savings dollar or the solidarity dollar – which includes 30% of the COUNTRY’s tax and 35% of the deduction from profits – rose 82 cents to $ 210.54 average.

Wholesale price, Monday, June 13

The wholesale dollar, which is regulated directly by BCRA, rose 51 cents to $ 122.30. As at the beginning of each week, the correction in the wholesale exchange rate compensated for the inaction over the weekend, although it was the highest since last April 18 for the same period.

The wholesale exchange rate rose $ 1.11 last week, slightly below the $ 1.13 increase recorded the previous week.

Price of the CCL dollar, Monday, June 13

Dollar “counted with liquid” (CCL) -operated with the bond Global 2030- rose 3.8% to $ 236.19. While the difference is 93.1%.

Price of the MEP dollar, Monday, June 13

in turn, MEP dollar – also rated with Global 2030- increased by 2.8% to $ 229.47, and the difference with the wholesaler was set at 87.6%. The financial dollar comes from a $ 17.31 rise between Thursday and Friday.

Quote about the blue dollar, Monday, June 13

the blue dollar registered its second consecutive increase this Monday, June 13, renewing its highest value of almost 4 months although for now works well below the levels of financial exchange ratesaccording to a study conducted by √Āmbito on the Black Currency Market.

The parallel dollar advanced $ 5 and sold for $ 215, the highest since February 11. (when closed at $ 215.50). In this way, he accumulated an advance of $ 7 for two days.

Thus, the The difference between the blue dollar and the official wholesale exchange rate is 75.8%.

The informal dollar works noticeably with a significant difference compared to the financial dollar, which jumped to $ 230 in the case of the MEP and to $ 237 in the case of the CCL.

In the sixth month of the year, the blue dollar rose $ 8 after ending in May at $ 207.

so far this year, The informal dollar rose by $ 7 after closing in 2021 at $ 208.

Price in crypto dollars, Friday, June 10

The crypto dollar or bitcoin dollar rose 1.2% to $ 211, according to the average value among local exchanges reported by Coinmonitor.

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