Inhaled steroids are the first protection against asthma, says Dr. Totti

The specialist assures that excessive use of certain drugs can cause some diseases.

Dr. Noel Totti, pulmonologist at Auxilio Mutuo Hospital. Photo: provided to the Journal of Medicine and Public Health.

In the Puerto Rican population, the higher the frequency of asmabecause, according to studies, about 430,000 people suffer from this condition. In addition, it should be noted that the cases reported on the island suggest that this pathology is more severe in patients.

To learn more about this condition and its relationship to other conditions, the Journal of Medicine and Public Health talks to Dr. A.S. Noel Tottia pulmonologist at Auxilio Mutuo Hospital, who explained that the disease is linked to external factors, such as the environment, and internal factors, such as a genetic predisposition to suffering from it.

“If we use steroids indiscriminately and do not pay attention to the dosage, we can cause diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and other characteristic side effects of prednisone,” he said. “Progress in the treatment of asmathe introduction of first inhaled steroids, which are poorly absorbed, reduced this, “he said.

Revealing this, the expert pointed out that there are various drugs for treatment asma, and they are divided into two groups: First, we find life-saving drugs that are characterized by rapid action, used specifically for asthma attacks. On the other hand, there are control drugs whose action is long-lasting. “Here we find leukotriene inhibitors, inhaled steroids and a combination of inhaled steroids and long-acting bronchodilators,” he explained.

“Statistics from Puerto Rican patients, both those who remain on the island and those who emigrate to the United States, show that the severity of their condition is greater. This has to do with genetic and socio-economic factors. “

That is, the island’s climate also has a major impact on the uncontrolled spread of allergens, spores and other environmental components that can worsen symptoms in people who suffer from it. That is why the observatories that register the air quality have given a signal to the population with this pathology to take special precautions at this time of year.

On the other hand, the pulmonologist added that viral conditions such as COVID-19 and even the common cold have a greater negative impact on the airways of people with asmathis is due to irritation and inflammation resulting from these infections.

“There we see viral pneumonia and the late effects of COVID in the lungs, which in an asthmatic patient predispose to more complications in the future, so it is recommended that these patients receive COVID-19. vaccine. 19, keep a social distance, wash your hands and wear masks. ”

The truth is that people with asma they are in the group of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), so it is important to maintain specific care to avoid exacerbations. However, the specialist assures that excessive use of some drugs can cause some diseases.

Is asthma a congenital or acquired condition?

Children’s airways are often small and narrow, so they may show typical symptoms asmaHowever, this does not mean that they suffer from the condition itself. It is possible that even these signs will disappear with the development of babies.

Similarly, many experts agree that some foods may predispose several people to allergic reactions with symptoms similar to asma Fr. asma allergic.

“We need to do allergy tests to rule out and try to understand what the patient is sensitive to and eliminate that from our diet,” he said. “But the most common thing you see in these people is other types of allergic reactions, most of which would be anaphylaxis.”

night sickness

One of the indicators used by Dr. Totti to better control the disease is the rule of two: “It is normal to save up to twice a week with albuterol and it is also normal to get up between 2:00 in the morning and 4:00. 00 in the morning at least twice a month. “

This phenomenon occurs due to the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, whose functions are to dilate and contract the airways, respectively. At night, the parasympathetic system is more active, so the tendency is to constrict the airways, making it difficult to circulate air.

“One of the factors that can make this worse at night is aspiration. The possibility of reflux must be ruled out, and the patient must be told to wait at least two hours before going to bed after eating,” he said.

It is equally important to remember this treatment asma it must be distributed, ie the signs must be measured and a certain treatment must be obtained on that basis; if it doesn’t work, try other more aggressive options.

“As long as we are within this parameter of two, we are fine. If we go beyond this or objectively measure lung function and see that it is impaired, we add or raise the scale of treatment to stabilize the patient and get them to develop their normal activities all the time, “concluded the pulmonologist. “The goal of treating a patient with asthma is for the patient to play sports, go to work or school, and live a normal life, and that’s possible.”

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