Integrative medicine, a holistic approach to traditional medicine

Although integrative medicine is being heard more and more often, it is also worth noting that it is not always clear what it consists of or what benefits it can bring to people, which can lead to some confusion.

Integrative medicine is the usual medicine, that of all life, but with a holistic approach that focuses on man in a global way. That is, integrative medicine treats the patient from a holistic approach, in general, instead of focusing exclusively on individual organs of the body.

Thus, through integrative medicine, the specialist not only analyzes the direct causes that may have caused the disease and its symptoms, but also many other factors that may have contributed to the triggering of this pathologyalthough initially there may be no connection between them.

Some examples are found in the state of the microbiota, genetic factors, environmental influences, excessive exposure to heavy metals, lifestyle, stress, inadequate nutrition, etc., all this can contribute to the development of certain pathologies and complex chronic diseases.

One of the centers for integrative medicine that exists in Spain is in Madrid. This is Synergia MedicalCare. Currently one of the reference centers, with personalized and quality attention.

This center for integrative medicine in Madrid has an extensive medical staff with various specialties, from Endocrinology or cardiologyto one Integrative gynecological department and without forgetting Microbiota unit and nutrition departmentas these factors are essential for well-being.

In addition, Synergia MedicalCare has specialists in Allergology, osteoporosis and bone metabolismas well as a Unit of Physiotherapy and osteopathy and environmental medicine.

The importance of nutrition and microbiota

One of the factors that emphasizes integrative medicine is intestinal microbiotathis set of microorganisms that live in the gut and are responsible for countless metabolic processes necessary in life.

And the correct balance of the microbiota is essential and therefore eating habits and a balanced diet must be adopted according to individual physical characteristics.

Integrative medicine and intestinal health

In this sense, Synergia MedicalCare has Digestive system and improved nutritionin which the patient receives personal and individualized dietary treatment based on a previous diagnosis of the state of his microbiota.

Specialists deal with this imbalance, analyze the causes that cause it and determining the correct diet to restore the balance of the microbiota. This whole process is accompanied by periodic monitoring, which analyzes the development and improvement of the patient.

This connection between pathology, nutrition and the microbiota leads to the fact that it is intestinal health is one of the pillars on which integrative medicine operates.

A healthy lifestyle, with a special focus on eating habits, contributes to a state of healthy well-being, with less use of pharmacological treatments and their possible side effects.

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