Is River Plate taking advantage of the battle to include Luis Suarez? The indicative fact that excites the fans

Luis Suarez is the great dream of River Plate (REUTERS / Susanna Vera)

The possibility that Luis Suarez play in River Plate It already sounds strong in Europe and the French press has repeated the topic. this monday The team ratified the information about the efforts of Pistolero, which became the champion of the club Núñez in the face of what lies ahead with four and a half months, which can present a panorama full of matches.

The coach of a millionaire himself, Marcelo Gallardoadmitted at the press conference after the goalless draw against Atletico Tucuman that held a dialogue with the Uruguayan striker The 35-year-old, who will be released on June 30, as his contract with Atletico de Madrid, where he played two seasons (83 games, 33 goals), expires, and he strives to have the greatest possible continuity in the world of the Qatar Cup. 2022

Although the Uruguayan striker also intends to continue in Europe, River Plate’s alternative would tempt him, as he faces the Copa Libertadores quarterfinals because of how competitive the Professional League is and in this context the Copa Argentina is added, in which the Millionaire also is still in dispute.

Some versions from Spain suggest that Lucho may have emigrated to Italian football, to Atalanta de Bergamo; There was also talk of the Royal Society, but of the French newspaper The team I confirm that “only the Argentine club River Plate has officially declared its interest“.

At the age of 35, Luis Suarez will play his fourth World Cup (Reuters / Alberto Valdes)
At the age of 35, Luis Suarez will play his fourth World Cup (Reuters / Alberto Valdes)

First of all, the obstacle that River Plate can have is the family problem. If he had a choice, Suarez would prefer to stay in Spain so as not to change the life of his family, composed of his wife Sofia Balbi and their three children: Delfina (11 years old), Benjamin (9) and Lautaro (4).. The Uruguayan’s priority is to continue in Europe. Of course: this will depend on the tempting proposals in the field of sports: a competitive team that guarantees continuity to reach the World Cup, which will start on November 21 in Qatar in the best possible way.

But Suarez also has in mind that a good stage in the millionaire organization, with a lot of activity, will allow him to reach what will be the World Cup in the best shape. In addition, upon arrival at liberty, the entire investment will go to the attacker’s contract.

River Plate fans are thrilled to be able to join Lucho, whose conditions are unquestionable, and at this point in his career, his vast experience and skills are added to the decisive matches, hand in hand, as usually those of Libertadores or those that River has. forward in the Argentine Cup, whose next match will be against Barracas Central for the 16th final.

Finally, time has shown that Suarez is right when it comes to focusing on a player, and he has shown all his experience after more than a decade in European football. In October 2021, Suarez secured her for Gerard Romero Shaking that he had “recommended Darwin to Barça when I played for Almeria, but I was told I was too young“. The 22-year-old Uruguayan striker has just been bought by Liverpool and has become the most expensive addition to the English club’s history.


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