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Roberto Urbes, General Manager of Bristol Myers Squibb in Spain and Portugal.

IN Kidney cancer it is a silent disease. In fact, many patients usually show no symptoms until the disease has spread to other organs. Bristol Myers Squib (BMS) in collaboration with the National Federation of Associations for the Control of Kidney Diseases (Alcer) and the Spanish Group of Urogenital Oncology (Sogug) want to break the silence of this pathology and other types urogenital cancer. For this reason, they launched De Viva Voz, the first podcast program dedicated to these tumors.

‘Aloud’ He has the support and participation of three presenters: Juan Ramon Lucas, journalist, presenter and director of La Brújula on Onda Cero; Mara Torres, journalist and host of El Faro at Cadena SER; and Veronica Sans, journalist and host of La Sexta Noche at La Sexta. Each of them was responsible for the management of several of them 11 episodes which the podcast has.

“We tried to offer a close vision and different from kidney cancer, treating the pathology from all possible points of view, “says Lucas.” In the podcast, with the collaboration of Mara and Veronica, we dealt with various topics such as psychological impact or future prospects for patients. “We also talked to all the people involved in this disease, from health professionals, through patients and those who care for them,” he added.

Mara Torres and Veronica Suns are inclined shake hands with patients in this campaign to find out through close dialogues and “De Viva Voz” their experience with pathology. Through these conversations, Torres and Suns work together to “suggest the opposite of silence.” This space allows patients to “share their experiences with the diagnosis and everything they have had to face since then, sometimes with lack of informationand others with a lack of communication, “the journalists agree.

8,078 new cases in Spain in 2022

According to the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology, it is expected in 2022. 8078 new cases of kidney cancer. Many of them (40 percent) will be diagnosed accidentally when the patient suffers a CT or ultrasound for other reasons. This is because the signs and symptoms of kidney cancer are inaccurate and very diverse, which makes it difficult to diagnose and gives it the nickname “silent disease”. In 2020 there was 2116 deaths due to this type of cancer in Spain.

“Although this is a pathology that can occur at any age, it is usually diagnosed in patients in between 40 and 60 years. We also know that it is twice as common in men as in women, “said Aranzasu Gonzalez del Alba, president of the Spanish group Urinary oncology. “Many times this type of cancer is diagnosed at an advanced stage of the disease, which complicates its treatment and the patient’s prognosis,” added Gonzalez del Alba.

How to prevent kidney cancer?

The exact causes of kidney cancer are unknown, although the causes have been identified. genetic and molecular basis of the disease. In addition to genetic causes, among the main risk factors associated with the disease are: smoking, obesity, hypertension and the indiscriminate use of certain painkillers. In this sense, smoking cessation is the main recommendation to avoid this pathology, as it doubles the risk of disease. Also, maintain a healthy weight, avoid improper use of painkillers and controlling blood pressure will also help prevent it.

“The lack of visibility of kidney cancer it is also a risk factor in this pathology, as it sometimes stops early diagnosis. Kidney cancer is unknown to the vast majority of society and there is not as much talk compared to other cancers, “said Daniel Galego, president of the National Federation of Kidney Associations (ALCER).” Kidney health is also a conversation. we saw how knowledge and awareness it transforms the perspective of some cancers, making patients themselves more informed and taking a very active role in their disease, ”concludes Galego.

“Increasing the level of public knowledge about this type of cancer is very important for our company. That’s why we created De Viva Voz, the first podcast for kidney cancer and other types of urinary tract cancer. meeting place for healthcare professionals and patients, where the key to the disease will be collected, ”said Menchu ​​Lavid, Director of Corporate Affairs at BMS.

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