Less cellulite in five minutes? Our expert gives you the final keys

You will remember the day you read this article, like the day you learned that nuts contain healthy fats, or the day you confirmed that dark chocolate has health benefits. We come to tell you that cellulite can be overcome with exercise. You read correctly!

As you know, the so-called orange peel is the result of metabolic changes in adipose tissue in certain areas of the body. This leads to swelling, which appears in the form of knots or dimples. But we are still in time to win the battle against this popular enemy! Julia Ndoki Ribas, personal trainer and physical activity coach at the Metropolitan Sport Club & Spa, has designed exclusively for ¡HOLA! simple five-minute table with exercises to do at home that will help you fight cellulite. In addition, the expert is the one who explained to us why physical activity can help us in this regard. goal!


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Why should you believe that exercise fights cellulite?

Ribas told us that there are no magic formulas or miracle recipes to fight cellulite. The key is to lead a sedentary lifestyle, eat right, exercise and stay hydrated.. This confirms that regular practice of these habits will lead us to a good body composition, with adequate percentage of fat (between 20% and 25% of your body weight). And it is the percentage of fat that is the essence of the matter. How to get the right one? Very easy! Keep reading!

For starters, you need to understand that there is an inverse relationship between the percentage of fat and the percentage of muscle mass. very simply put, the more muscle mass you have, the lower your body fat percentage will be. It is therefore clear that having a certain level of muscle mass, or at least stimulating the muscle mass you already have, is key to consuming your fat reserves. That way, instead of focusing your exercises on achieving a calorie deficit (consuming or burning more calories than you eat), which makes you lose more weight without necessarily losing fat, what you need to focus on is gaining muscle mass and the rest will come by itself. Only? Yes.

If you do toning exercises and eat more calories than you normally eat (yes, from healthy foods) for a while in order to increase your muscle mass and keep those muscles active, they will automatically require more energy. This means that you will burn more and the percentage of fat will continue to decrease. ¡Muscle needs energy (calories) to maintainThat is, to maintain muscle, the body burns calories on its own, which causes you to lose fat without doing restrictive diets! Yes, besides, The exercises you do focus on the areas of the body where cellulite tends to appear. you will have achieved it! If you want to know what these effective exercises are, read on.


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Dash and Stars-2

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the sequel we show you an exercise table designed by Julia Ndoki Ribas which you can do every day for just five minutes to fundamentally strengthen your gluteal muscles and legs. But why focus on these areas? Easy. It is due to estrogen, known as female hormones. These hormones, produced in the ovaries, are involved in the distribution of body fat, determining a woman’s figure, as they provide more fat. This is manifested mainly in thighs, buttocks and chest of the woman. For this reason, it is advisable to work on them more persistently, although all parts of the body are equally important. By the way: the abdomen is involved in much of the exercise we will see so this is a very complete routine. goal!

The first round of expert exercises to combat cellulite

  • 15-20 squats: We will do this exercise with a chair. Legs shoulder width apart. Get up from the chair one step and get down in three, with your arms outstretched to chest height each time you sit (this will give you more balance). If your level is advanced, you can squat with only one foot resting on the ground. You will still respect the times of 1-3. The important thing about this slow descent is, on the one hand, that your spine is not affected when you sit, and on the other hand, that the knee remains in line with the thigh and ankle, as it may tend to collapse on the opposite leg. . Do 15-20 reps with 30 seconds rest.

  • 10 steps alternating legs without moving from place: In this case, standing with our legs together, we move one of the two legs back at a sufficient distance to allow us to bend both knees 90 degrees at the end of the descent and return to the starting position. We change legs after each repetition and do 10 repetitions per leg. You can take some dumbbells or some weight element to slightly increase the intensity. The hands are kept close to the body and the wrists are turned inwards. Perform the exercise for 30 seconds.

  • works in static state: Withdraw your legs from the ground, raising your knees to the height of your thighs, as if you were running, but stay in the same place without moving. The hands should accompany the movement just as when running. Perform the exercise for 30 seconds.

  • 15 divides Bulgarian: you will need to have a bench or chair. While doing so, with the element behind you and your legs closed, pull one foot off the ground to rest your foot on the bench or chair. Maintaining this position, bend the leg that lies on the ground, taking a step. Perform the exercise for 30 seconds with 10 seconds of rest and change legs.

  • 10 bounce butt bridges: lie on your back with your knees bent, your arms outstretched along your body and feet and your hands firmly on the ground, perform a controlled movement of lifting your hips, lifting and separating your back from the ground, starting from the lower back to support are only the blades. Go down vertebra by vertebra, starting with the shoulder blades, while fully supporting the lower back and repeat the exercise. Do it for 30 seconds.

WS - A

WS – A

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Second round of expert exercises to combat cellulite

  • skipping rope: in case it is not possible to do so for this reason or due to lack of space, there are alternatives such as jumps. Jump in 30 seconds.

  • 20 jump squats: do a classic squat, chained immediately with a jump, so that when you get the jump, perform the flexion, slowing down the movement slightly to gain momentum on the way up and jump again. Both braking and the impulse to jump imply a significant increase in strength. You will also notice that this exercise has a much larger cardiorespiratory component than the others, which favors fat burning. It is important to keep in mind that this exercise is more effective on your knees, especially if you already have a knee injury. Do it for 30 seconds. The trick is to “fall” as if you don’t want to make noise.

  • bringing the legs: Upright and with your hands on your hips, move one leg sideways as far as you can, performing a side lift without moving your hips. Return to starting position, controlling movement. You can increase the intensity of this exercise by occupying a side board on the floor so that you will be distracted by gravity, increasing the difficulty of this exercise. Another option to increase the intensity, both in the upright version and in the version with a side plank, would be to use an elastic band on the legs at knee height. Perform the exercise for 20 seconds.

  • Deadlift with half-folded legs: with a heavy object in your hands, stand up, with your legs half-bent, lean forward, keeping your back in a neutral position, that is, with the weight very close to your feet throughout the journey. In the middle-lower part of the movement you will notice a slight stretching in your hamstrings, which will increase when you go down. Return to starting position and perform the exercise for 30 seconds. Remember that the head always follows the line of the spine.

  • Mussel shell on a plate: In a plank position on the side, but with your thighs on the ground and both legs bent at approximately 90º, lift your thighs off the ground and perform an external rotation (separate one knee from the other as far as you can). Open and close, maintaining the trunk stand and hips. Perform the exercise for 20 seconds. The difference between this exercise and the second level leg exercise is that here you have to notice the gluteus, and in the previous one it is the adductor.


Cellulite-foto-1-Zuluandzephyr Z

Cellulite-foto-1-Zuluandzephyr Z

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You only need five minutes a day to do these exercises. Despite the fact that the cause of cellulite is mainly hormonal, genetic factors and above all, epigeneticcan also affect Sedentary lifestyle, stress, bad habits eating disorders, lack of sleep or excessive fatigue are some of the things that promote cellulite. You have to drive them away especially at certain stages of life in which hormonal changes or alterations occursuch as puberty, pregnancy, menopause, weight gain due to weight gain … In some pathologies that change the hormonal profile such as hypothyroidism, diabetes or apathetic disorders, care should also be taken because they can be perfect scenarios for appearance of cellulite. It depends on your habits and perseverance to stop it.

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