Longevity and fame: what are the 8 secret habits of celebrities

Fountain of Youth ?: the best kept secrets of celebrities with more than 60 years behind them

It is difficult to accept aging. Whether true or not, this is often associated with fewer career opportunities, less energy and a fading of young appearance and toned physique. In fact, there is a truly diagnosed condition for people who are extremely afraid of aging call gerascophobia.

People with this condition have very frequent thoughts of changes in their appearance due to aging and increasingly lose control of their lives with age. Refinery29 Rose Agdamconsultant psychologist and trainer, noting that the condition may cause panic attacks, shortness of breath, excessive sweating and tremor.

but grow old It’s really not that bad And that’s it according to celebrities over 60 who know even more than others that they are typical for your age. here’s what Some of the biggest stars say that their secrets to perceiving the aging process and continuing to look and feel best are:

For Morgan Freeman,
For Morgan Freeman, “age is a state of mind”

1. Never stick to your age

Morgan Freeman (85) there is a thinking that is a great start to turn aging into excitement. During an interview, the American actor shared his philosophy that people You should never stick to your age. Said “Age is a state of mind. I must be at least 30 by now, “although his physical age at the time was at least 70. What he says is this one will never look one’s age if one maintains a youthful state of mind. accept this way of thinking It allows you to overcome the mental limitations that prevent you from living life to the fullest as an older person.

2. Fill in the blanks

Do you think that you have nothing to do during the day? Meryl Streep (72) there is the right medicine for you. The three-time Oscar winner believes this “Our days are empty unless we fill them. follow this philosophy It will make us “don’t let life pass us by.” Being active when it comes to taking days is important for older people.

3. Collect what you like

Now that we have adopted the philosophy of Meryl Streep to fill our days, how to fill them? One way is to collect what we like. A Sir Elton John He loves Photography and acquires photos from 1990. In fact, he has so many photos that has an area of ​​18,500 square feet reserved for them alone. Although you do not need to collect as eagerly as British singer, pianist, composer and musician, it is possible to fill the days by collecting items that we like. They can be from old stamps to strangely shaped twigs.

Chuck Norris eats only the food he needs (Getty Images)
Chuck Norris eats only the food he needs (Getty Images)

4. Eat nutritious food

To grow old well, you need to maintain good health. American actor, director, screenwriter and film producer Clint Eastwood (92) do just that. Eastwood always eat lots of fruits, vegetables and vitamins. Also avoid sugary drinks, excess alcohol and excess carbohydrates. these eating habits They not only help you stay in shape, but also help reduce the risk of serious cardiovascular disease. Many famous seniors follow different longevity diets to take care of themselves.

the epic actor Chuck Norris (82) Use another eating habit that will allow you to enjoy better health with age. It’s Chuck’s habit eat only what you need. This means stop eating before you feel full, as studies show that you are often full before you feel it. This little habit le will allow you to stay in shape, which will significantly reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Among them are diabetes in the elderly and heart disease.

5. Take vitamins

According to The sun Mick Jagger (78) volumes vitamins A, complex B, C, D and E.and combine them with trio of cod liver oil, ginseng and ginkgo biloba, which are useful for the brain. all this translates into a very different way of life from what Jagger and his colleagues embodied.

Daily exercise helps older people grow older in a healthy way because it prevents cognitive decline and makes us happier.  In addition, the elderly can fight bone loss, weakness, arthritis and other chronic diseases (Getty Images)
Daily exercise helps older people grow older in a healthy way because it prevents cognitive decline and makes us happier. In addition, the elderly can fight bone loss, weakness, arthritis and other chronic diseases (Getty Images)

6. Exercise every day

Although she is an extremely busy woman, Martha Stewart, 80, never stops training for an hour, every day. This activity not only helps you stay in shape, but also it also helped her return to work five days after her back surgery. Activities and exercises for older people are essential for general well-being. daily exercise it also helps older people age healthily because it prevents cognitive decline and makes us happier. Also, The elderly can struggle with bone loss, weakness, arthritis and other chronic diseases.

7. Meditate

Oprah Winfrey (68) She is a successful and busy woman. Aging well with the help of daily 20-minute meditation session. That’s what the driver said meditation helps you feel hope, commitment and joy, as this is a constant in your busy life. It has also been proven that meditation reduces blood pressure and inflammation. A few deep breaths and a few minutes of silence each day can make a difference. Meditation this is an important form of alternative medical therapy for the elderly.

8. Get enough sleep

According to reports, on Queen Elizabeth II (96) goes to bed at 11 pm every night before waking up at 7:30 am, record of some impressive eight and a half hours of sleepwhich is key to maintaining good health. “Sleep is very important for physical and mental rest,” he said in a dialogue with the magazine HELLO! the female fitness specialist and founder of MamawellRosie Stockley.

“Your brain shuts down and processes at night when you sleep, and this works in different ways to prepare, process and rest your brain for the next day. Physically, sleep is very restorative for the body. It is crucial to have this stay at night to allow your body to function optimally during the day. “ concluded.


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