Luciana Salazar and Martin Redrado would have a controversial agreement

After ten years of love, with more than one break, in early 2021 the relationship Luciana Salazar d Martin Redrado I reach the end of it. This is not the case with the alleged intimate agreements and conflicts, which were transferred to the legal and media level.

After seeing a note from Luli, she was furious with the economist she took to court for failing to comply with signed agreements linking her daughter. Matilda, Pampito give details about many in the morning (Monday to Friday at 10 a.m. City Magazine) of an unusual agreement that the former partner would have entered into.

“Did you see what Luli says?” They ask her if she’s coming outhe obviously meets and says he doesn’t say because he has a complicated ex. It is a delusion. If the other is about to get married “, the panel from Carmen Barbierigiven that Redrado will marry Lulu Sangineti.

“Did you see what Luli says? They ask her if she’s coming out, she’s obviously coming out, and she says she’s not saying because she has a complicated ex,” Pampito said.

Pay attention to the reflection of your partner, Estefi Berardi limited to: “Does the agreement that Pia Shaw showed that he can’t whiten a couple exist?”

And Pampito agreed: “Yes, there is this agreement. It is signed. And it exists because Anna Rosenfeld confirmed it to me … The agreement Pia was talking about was a fallacy, saying that if she had a partner, she could not be shown publicly. There were a lot of clauses. “

“There is the agreement that Pia Shaw said and that is a delusion. She said that if she has a partner, she cannot be shown publicly, “the participant added.


in a note with Good morning, Luciana Salazar attracted the attention of seventh when he escapes the question of whether he is dating.

“I’m fine. I’m trying to support my life … I have an ex who makes things a little harder for me.”. But I’m very well, very happy, “said Salazar, putting Martin Redrado, without naming him.

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