Malaga celebrates the 20th European Congress of Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine wants to improve the care of hospitalized patients.

The city of Malaga hosts, between 8 and 11 June, c 20th European Congress of Internal Medicine (ECIM 2022), organized by European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM). Congress has more than 2,000 messages and gathers some 1500 internists from 71 countries from 5 continents.

As indicated by Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEEDS), “la Internal medicine is the main medical specialty from which various medical specialties. Internal diseases are characterized by their commitment to maintain a integrated vision for pathologies, focusing on people, not diseases. The role of internal medicine is essential to complement the current trend towards hyperspecialised clinical care, which can lead to medical fragmentation, leading to risks for patients and unnecessary costs to the health system. “

Sammy defends that the “value and validity of internal diseases” became apparent during covid-19 pandemicin which European internists and the rest of the world have direct your attention from most hospitalized patients with severe disease.

Given the wide field of knowledge in internal medicine, pathological topics will be discussed during the congress cardiovascular, geriatrics, systemic diseases, rare diseases, diabetes – obesity, palliative care and, of course, infectious pathology and Covid-19. Emphasis will also be placed on improving hospitalized patient care, developing new forms of care, and applying clinical ultrasound.

Acknowledgment from Jaime Merino, former President of SEMI

It will be held in Congress joint sessions s American College of Physicians (ACP), at American Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM), at European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and European Stroke Organization (IT IS). There will also be a session organized by European Federation of Internal Medicine (Fdime) who will be involved on Platform of patient organizations (POP) of Spain and other European patient associations to find out their perspective on the Covid-19 pandemic. Similarly, special emphasis will be placed on the role of telemedicine, digital health and artificial intelligence in the medicine of the future.

There will be a during the congress recognition to the professional career of the teacher Jaime Merinoprofessor of medicine c University of Alicantewho was president of Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) and EFIM for their outstanding contribution to the development of Spanish and European internal medicine.

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