Mallkikuna presents “Las Montañas”, the first preview of his album “Pura Medicina” Music Farándula RMMN | PEOPLE

Medicine made music. this is how Plants defines its musical artistic proposal, which aims to go beyond the healing process and this same ancestral power, hand in hand with love, allows the transformation of consciousness.

Within this route is that it appears “Las Montañas”, a song that is defined as the first single from their second album “Pura Medicina”, which will have eight songs and will be released in 2023. This song represents a new stage for the duo, where it seeks to re-evaluate the importance of medicine, which is each of us, the importance of love, the best of our hearts and the need for a planet to heal us.

“This song, like most of our repertoire, represents the personal and family processes of healing, presented and expressed in music. In this sense, we see music as a healing tool that will restore harmony with the earth. “expresses William Kyrose, composer of Plants.

On the other hand, the duo in its 9-year history managed to go abroad. It is represented in countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. But in their experience, they feel the Sacred Valley of Cusco as their home, a rural area where they live, surrounded by nature and the memory of ancestors, which is food for our spirit. “We can recognize wisdom in every corner of the city, as well as the presence of Quechua, the native language.”Cirrhosis adds.

The Mountains is now available on all digital platforms. Its official presentation will take place on June 18 at the Hierba Buena Hotel in Pisak. “We hope to call all our friends along the way and anyone who wants to connect with the energy of the ancestors. There can be no better connection if our hearts remain closed and hurt. “maintains Cirrhosis.


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