Maria Valenzuela underwent emergency surgery

In various interviews, Valenzuela noted that he arrived despite 35 kilos, because he could not chew and could only swallow liquids or porridge.

All this, after research, led her to find a few lumps in her lollipops.

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And then they noticed that she had encapsulated breast prostheses. He went through the operating room and Daniel Ambrosino He was the one who gave details about how the actress is.

“When they were removed, one of the prostheses was broken (the left one) and the fluid spread throughout the body. It was very dangerous. “said the journalist from American news.

Valenzuela was already in great pain. He had said that he could not lie on his stomach or do massages, as in the beginning, to alleviate the suffering.

“She told me, ‘It’s good that they took everything from me now, not later, because anything could have happened. They took out some lumps from me and now they are sending them for analysis. ” Ambrosino closed.

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Maria Valenzuela's health after exposing abuse

Maria Valenzuela’s health after exposing abuse

Maria Valenzuela’s anger at the versions of her health

Maria Valenzuela is going through a difficult time. In early March, the actress appeared on social media with a video explaining the problem she suffers from in her mouth.

Charles Monty showed audio input us in the morningwhere he discovered a new health complication in Valencia.

There, Maria said she had to undergo breast surgery because it caused her problems. However, after this information, The artist came out to clarify how this conversation went.

on Twitter, Angel from Brito He said Valenzuela had contacted him to clarify that the material they were sharing had been edited: “Yesterday Maria Valenzuela wrote to me about the versions about her health. He told me that the audio they broadcast was private and should not be broadcast and that it was edited from above. “. He later also complained Not even a journalist called her to check.

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